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WoW Beginner Glossary

Here is a COMPLETE World of Warcraft Glossary.

AC - Armour Class, high AC reduces the damage you take when attacked.
Add - A creature that adds into an existing fight against you.
As a verb, it is the act of having a creature add inte a fight "That Ogre is going to add."

AFAIK - As far as I know
AFK - Away from Keyboard. This means that the person won't be available for a short time. There is also a specific /afk command that let others who message you know that you are AFK.
Aggro - Most often this is used to note that a creature is attacking you or your group "We've git aggro!" The term denotes the aggressive insterest of a monster/npc. If a person says, "Go aggro that monster" it means to intentionally get the enemy to attack you.
Aggro Radius - This is distance from wich an enemy decides to attack a character. This radius is infuenced by level difference between the monster and the character (with relatively tougher monsters aggroing from farther away). This distance is also influenced by the type of creature involved, as a number of predators have a larger aggro radius to begin with.
Agility - Agility is an attribute in World of Warcraft. This attribute determines a character's ability to Dodge attacks, score Critical Hits (that deal at least twice the damage), and deal more damage in general with thier attacks (though this is only true with certain classes).
AKA - Shorthand for Also Known As.
Alpha Test - Internal testing that doesn't include the public.
Anti / Anti-PK - A player who kills PK's.
ASAP - As soon as possible
Alt - A secondary character. This usually refers to a character that you put less time into or a character that is lower level compared to your primary (Main) character.
Addon - This is great in many way, it changes your Appearance / gameplay, there is many different addons, some can calculate your DPS, some changes your enire interface, also called UI.
Area of Effect (AE/AoE) - These are spells, abilities, and items influence multiple targets over a given area. Sometimes these are based on a circle around a spicific target person (the caster or an enemy off in the distance). These can also be based off of a selected area (these are called ground targeted AoEs).
Armor - This reflects the amount of protective armor your character is wearing. This statistic increases as you continue to find better equipment with higher levels. Your character's current armor is the primary factor in determining physical damage mitigation.
Artificial Intelligence - Or Al. NPCs of various sorts have a certain level of intelligence that determines their activities in and outside of battle.
Attack Power (AP)- this is a statistic that influences the physical Damage Per Second (DPS) of your Character. Having a higher melee Attack Power greatly helps in dealing more damage, especially with heavier weapons. Having a higher ranged Attack Power increases orverall ranged damage.
Attack Skill - Each character has an Attack Skill with at least several weapon types. Your maximum Attack Skill is equal to five times your current level. Training with a weapon by attacking increases your Attack Skill towards this cap.
During battle, Attack Skill (relative to your enemy's Defense) influences the chance to strike successfully and score Critical Hits.

Attribute - A major statistic for a character. Each attribute reflects on a major side of a character's capabilities (Strength for melee damage and blocking with shields, Agility for Dodging, Critical Hits, and some classes, Attack Power, Stamina for Hit Points (HP), Intellect for Mana (MP), and Spirit for recovery of Hit Points/Mana over time.
Auction House (AH) - Frequently shortened to AH. These areas allow characters to post many items for sale. The transactions have a modest fee, yet they allow your character to make sales and purchases without meeting other characters directly and investing major time in buying/selling.
Avatar - The visual representation of your character in World of Warcraft.

Battleground (BG) - An instanced area for PvP conflict. Sing up today in the major cities or at specific instance porals, or use the PvP tool (You can open the PvP Tool by pressing "H" and queue for the desired Battleground). WSG is Warsong Gulch, AB is Arathi Basin, AV us Alterac Valley, EoS is for Eye of the Storm, SoA is for Strand of the Ancients, IoC is for Isle of Conquest.
BBL - Be Back Later.
BE / BElf - Blood Elf
Beta Test Public testing - closed beta is a restricted public test, and open beta means anyone who wants to join may join.
BFD Black Fathom Deeps - an mid-level instanced dungeon in North-Western Ashenvale Forest
BRD/BRS Blackrock Depths/Spire - high-level instanced dungeons in The Burning Steppes
Broken - A spell, ability, class,or tactic that is unbalanced and overpowered.
BTW - By the way
Bind - To bind a certain inn with your Heartstone (HS) (so that you can teleport there in the future). This can also be used to define what an itme Binds to your character on pickup (BoP) or on first equip (BoE).
Bind on Equip (BoE) - This means that a specific item will Bind to your character the first time it is equipped. After that point, it will be soulbound, it cannot be traded or put onto the Auction House. Before that time, normal trade is completely allowable.
Bind on Pickup (BoP) - These items immediately Bind to a character when looted or crafted, and they can never be sold or traded for any reason, just to vendor. Most often, these items are of Rare quality (or higher) and are found from powerfull enemies.
Boat/Zeppelin (Zepp) - Boats and Zeppelins are used for travel between the continents.
Boots - Just an armor piece! This is also used to signify a power-up object in Battlegrounds (Warsong Gulch) that increases run speed ("If you can make it to our base, the boots are up!").
BRB - Be Right Back
BRT - Be Right There
Buff - Using spells to increase the potential of your allies. This refers to both the act "Please buff me, good Priest" and to the actual spell effect "With this buff i have 4,240 Hit Points, woot!".
Bug - A in-game problem that causes something unexpected to happen. This may require Customer Service Representative/GM intervention (you will need to submit a ticket if the bug is dramatic).

Camp - To control a given area in the hopes of getting all the monster spawns for yourself/your group, or for the purpose of stopping PvP enemies from having safety there. You can camp an area, a graveyard, the corpse if a fallen enemy, and so forth. This often involves multiple people to be done most effectively (the group fans out and watches for anything that will try to disrupt their activities).
Carebear - Somewhat derogatory name for a person who avoids PvP, plays on a non-PvP servers, and so forth.
Cast - To use a spell. This may occur instantly with some spells (instant-cast spells have almost no delay of any sort) or require up to several seconds of time invested in the casting process during which interruptions may occur if the caster is struck.
Caster - A person who is capable of casting spells. Often used to refer to Mages, Warlocks, Priests, and Druids who stay in Caster Form. It is implied in the name that the person is a softer target who need either protection or fast elimination, depending on their affiliations. "Kill thier casters first, they are supporting the flag carrier!!!"
Chain Casting - Going from one spell directly into next. "That Shaman Chain Casts Lesser Healing Wave every time she gets in trouble."
Cheese - A method of winning that isn't exploitive but appears to be unfair in one or another way. This may be quite inaccurate in some cases. This is a synonym for abuse.
Class - A set if abilities and statistics for your character that is chosen during creation. This greatly influences how you will play your character.
Combat Pet - Warlocks, Hunters, and Death Knights have pets that can fight beside them and greatly affect the outcome of combat.
Con - Short for Consider. This was used in many older MOGs to tell how powerfull a creature was. In World of Warcraft, this is done with both a numeric level comparison and by the background color of the mob's frame.
Corpse Camping - To stay near a slain enemy in world PvP in an attempt to prevent them for resurrecting at their body without being killed aigan. This is not griefing by definition. It is also not friendly and is considered a fair act of aggression against the party being camped.
Crash to Desktop - When the game kicks you back onto the desktop. In-game, people will likely refer to this as a DC (a disconnect).
Creep - Term for neutral creatures.
Crit - Short term for a Critical Hit (a blow that deals roughly twice normal damage).
Critters - Creatures in the wild that have no combat capabilities (Small snakes, rabbits, etc.). Killing these is absolutely not necessary, exept if your doing it for achievement.
Crowd Control (CC) - Using spells or abilities to disable enemy targets for a substantial period. Sap, Polymorph, and Fear are major examples of POWERFUL Crowd Control that not only limits the enemies options to act, but almost removes them entirely from combat. Lesser/limited Crowd Control may inhibit movement but still allow enemies a moderate amount of control: Frost Nova, roots, and Hamstring are good examples of limited control.
Customer Service Representative - The game staff that exist to help players with major problems. Often called GMs by players.

Damage Mitigation - The Armor statistic is compared to a table of estimated Armor values for a given level. The result is your character's Damage Mitigation (found by highlighting the Armor stat on your character page). This value roughly explains the amount of damageabsorbed by your armor when your character is struck by a creature of similar level. Abilities and Spells can influence both Armor and Damage Mitigation.
Damage Per Second (DPS) - Base damage from a spell, weapon, or ability is only part of the story. Damage Per Second is a way to figure out how effective, per unit time, a given action is. The higher the DPS, the more damage an activity can produce. This is often more important for attrition PvP or PvE situations. In short-term PvP, burst damage is more important than specific DPS.
Debuff - A debuff is any spell that goes on an enemy target and stays there for a period of time. Some deal damage, some reduce stats.
Defense - This stat determines how often your character is struck physical and how often such blows are Critical Hits. This stat has a cap of five time the character's level and increases toward the that cap when your character is attacked.
Direct Damage - Spells Abilities, or Items that deal damage immediately and directly to a target.
Dispel - To remove a Debuff from an ally or to remove a positive effect fom a foe.
DMG - Shorthand for Damage.
DnD - Do Not Disturb.
DOT - Shorthand for Damage Over Time. DOT abilities/spells are often very efficient but require slower tactics for the attrition to run its course. Warlocks are especially known for their cruel DOTs.
Duping - Creating multiple items from a single source. This is only possible trough rare exploits (if at all during this stage of the game), and WILL lead to major penalties or banning of accounts.
Dorf - Short for dwarf
Draenei Alliance - Race available in the expansion The Burning Crusade

Emote - An action (often with voice or animation) this is made by your character. Emotes are very useful for roleplaying.
Experience (XP) - Experience/XP measures your progress toward another level.
Exploit - Activities that are against the Terms of Use for World of Warcraft and capitalize on bugs to give players an unfair advantage over the others.

Farm - To repeatedly kill a given target or type of target, often desired drops of trade items or equipment.
Flag - An object (target) in the Battlegrounds, these are right-clicked to pick up or activate. Also used to denote PvP activity, as in "The warrior is flagged forPvP" Get 'em!"
Flagged - To be PvP enabled. On PvE, Standard RP servers, and in the started Zones, using /pvp is required before fighting against the other faction is possible. Once /pvp is used, you are Flagged.
Flight - Both factions use bats/gryphons/etc to fly characters between cities and towns. People may refer to this as being "on the bird."
Free For All - This is a loot rule that allows any character to loot any body. Often reserved for VERY close friends and trusted allies, or when boosted.

Gank - Primarily a PvP server term and function. This is when characters of much higher level go after younger targets that have no hope of surviving or even escaping, or when people are unprepared due combat with a mob. A person who does this activity is a "ganker".
GG - Short for "Good Game!" Spoken to buddies after the end of many battleground matches, even when on losing side.
GJ - Short for "Good Job!" to sidnal approval or appreciation.
Gimp - To Gimp means to take a course of action with Talents or equipment that makes your character ineffective. Being a Gimp is to be such a character. An example would be a full intellect gear Warrior with a side dose of +Healing improvements.
GM - In-game Blizzard representatives that try to correct for bugs or deal with harassment issues.
Graveyard - A place where characters return after death. The spirits can run back to their bodies for life to begin anew, or they can Ressurect at the Spirit Healer nearby (this damages their equipment and causes a status debuff for a short time).
Graveyard Camping - Staying in areas where enemies are spawned in the Battlegrounds or use the Spirit Healer in the normal world, THis is considered to be in very poor taste by many players and may (in some servers) be defined as griefing.
Grief - Making an active effort to harass another player that goes beyond the rules of the game. Graveyard Camping another player, Kill Stealing, and other malicious acts are included in this.
Grind - To specifically gain experience by attacking mosnters (as opposed to questing for experience). Often repetitive and mindless.
Group Loot - A standard set of loot rules for groups in instances. Group Loot does a Round Robin system for standard items, letting each person loot a fair number of bodies. Then, when items of a chosen threshold drop, window appears that allows people roll Need,Greed, or Pass on the item.
Group/Party - A team of up to five characters that are invited (/inv) to complete common goals. This is great for questing and almost mandatory for doing instance dungeons at their appropriate level.
GUI - Graphical User Interface.
Guild - Groups of players get together and form guilds. Initially, this takes nine signatures from unguilded characters on unique accounts. This starts off by getting a charter from one of the major cities in your faction.

Hate List - Monsters keep an internal list of the character they WANT to kill the most. This is the Hate List. Damage done, healing, and other activities against the monster's interests determine who stays high on the Hate List.
Heal Over Time - In shorthand, used as HOT. A healing spell that helps another character in doses instead of in one instant chunk.
Heartstone - An item given to all characters that allows you to Bind at Inns for instant teleportation (once per 30 minutes). The process of leaving an area using the Heartstone is "Hearting".
Hit Points - The stat to measure how tough your character is (how much damage they take before dying). Stamina bonuses, levels, and buffs affect Hit Points.
Honor - Points gained from kills against enemies of similar (or higher) level and from Battleground victories.
Hybrid - A class that fills several niches or rests in-between them. Shamans, Paladins, and Druids are very good examples of Hybrid classes because they can switch between some tanking, healing, and damage dealing roles.

IC - In-character (often used to let people know that you are speaking as your character, in a roleplaying sense).
IMO - In My Opinion (or IMHO for In My Humble Opinion).
Incoming - Or INC, used to let people know that enemies are on their way.
Instance - An area that is privately loaded for individual characters or groups (e.g. instance dungeon, raid, battlegrounds).
IRC - Used to denote the use of outside communication channels (like voice chat or instant messaging programs).
Intellect (INT) - Stat that determines the amount of Mana your character has, the speed at which Defense and Weapon Skills are learned, and improves the Critical Chanse.

J/K - Common internet term to signal that someone is "just kidding" and that they should not be taken seriously.

Kill on Sight - Often used as a PvP term for someone that receives no mercy at all. "That guy used /spit on my boyfriend, he is KOS now!".
Kill Steal - To Top enemies that another player is setting up to fight. This prevents that player from being able to get experience for that monster. This can be griefing if done repeatedly, and it's very poor etiquette in any event.
Kite - To Kill in Time, also summons the image of stretching enemies behind you like a person flying a kite. This is a technique of killing enemies slowly by using DOTs and ranged attacks to wound them while evading/running away from the foes.

Lag - Delays caused by poor Internet latency. Lag jumping is when your computer corrects for this and jumps things around onscreen to get people into their proper positions.
Leech - To be in a group or raid and contribute nothing "They just sat there and leeched Reputation in Alterac Valley for two hours".
Leet Speak - Also known as 1337 speak. The use of numbers for replacing certain letters and generally idiosyncratic grammar to denote allegiance to younger geek culture.
Level - A measure of your character's power and progression in World of Warcraft. This ranges from 1-80 before game's third expansion arrives. In the future, this will extend from 1-85, and who knows what the future will hold!
Leveling - Gaining levels, and trough them abilities and power for your characers. This is done by completing quests, killing monsters, exploring the world, and so forth.
Line of Sight - The direct line between one entity and their target. Many abilities require a direct Line of Sight, and when LOS is broken the spells/abilities will fail to go off.
Link - To post a item in a channel so that other players may see its statistics. Holding down Shift while clicking on an item will do this for whisperers and guild chat, but not for private chat channels.
LOL - Laugh Out Loud, common Internet usage for anything amusing. ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) is also used.
LOM/OOM - Low on Mana and Out of Mana, these are statements made by casters to let the group know that fun time is almost over.
Looking For Group - Or LFG-used to let people know that you are trying to find a group to accomplish a task. Group with open stolts may yell LFM, or "Looking for more".
Loot - Loot itself is the treasure that is taken from monsters after they fall, To loot means to actually bend over and right-click on the bodies to take said items.
Lowbie - A person of low level for a given activity. This can mean someone in the first few levels of a PvP bracket, even if that person is level 70-72!

Mailbox - Many Inns or Bank areas have Mailboxes. Auction items and money are delivered here. Money can also be sent to other characters, as can items and letters! The fee for this is trivial, even at low levels.
Main - Your current primary characters opposed to your alts.
Master Looter - A loot setting that only allows the group leader to handle treasure and its dispensation. This is time inefficient and is often used in DKP-type systems or when dealing with extremly valueable loot.
Med - To rest, eat/drink, and restore any fallen buffs while preparing for future fighting. This is often called by the group leader or a primary healer.
Melee - Direct physical combat at close range.
Mistell - Or MT. Done when you message the wrong person with a /tell or when you post to the wrong chat channel. Example: "Yeay, my guild sucks and I'm thinking of leaving the" said in guild chat. Response "YIKES, MT. I was talking about another guild!".
Mob - Short for Mobile. An old gaming term that presist. All of the world's monster are mobs.
MOG - Massive Online Game.
Mount - A creature that your character can ride. At level 20 every character has the ability to learn to rida a mount and, for a fee, purchase one.

Need Before Greed - The honor system of loot in instance dungeons. This means that you do not try to roll NEED on items that your character doesn't actuallty want to equip. If you are going to equip something, you need it. If you want it to sell, or send it to one of your alts or friends, it's greed.
Nerf - When the game is patched and certain actions/abilities are reduced in effectiveness. "They finally stopped Nerfing Mortal Strike!"
Ninja - To loot an item that was up for discussion or to roll need on items that are quite clearly not ones that you need. This is akin to an-act of stealing from a group. Don't do if it you want to have friends, good guilds, good groups. It is NOT worth the money.
NM - Nevermind. Sometimes used as NVM.
Noob/Newbie - An insult. This is often said when someone does something completely foolish that gets them or thier group/team in trouble. "The Paladin bubbled while carrying the flag, NOOB!!!" It can also be used in a self-deprecating manned. "Even tough I've been trough Walling Caverns 3 times, I still feel like a noob there.".
NPC - Non-Player Character. The various people of Azeroth who give quests, offer services, and exist to support the backstory of World of Warcraft are all NPCs.

Offtank - Also known as Secondary Tanks. These are tough characters that back up the primary Tank by worrying about single targets that peel onto casters. When not needed for this role, Offtanks often attempt to deal high damage.
OMW - On My Way.
OOC - Out Of Character. Sometimes signified on roleplaying servers with the use of parentheses, as in "The horn has sounded! I must leave this place! (Gotta log guys)",.
Own/Pwn - 1337 speak for a major victory over someone or something.

PC - Player Character.
Ping - To create a glowing yellow circle on the local map trough right-clicking on a area, this indicates direct position of a target (especially useful in the Battlegrounds). This is also a specific Hunter ability that is used to uncover Stealthed targets.
Point Blank AoE - An area of effect ability that centers around the caster. Shortened to PBAoE.
Port - To Port or Portal is to immedietaly travel to a certain location. Mages do this by Porting set locations, any player can use their Hearthstone to port to an Inn that they have bound to, and Warlocks can Summon people to themselves.
Pot - Potions are often shortened to Pot in-game. Pot use is common in pvE and PvP for restoring Hit Points or Mana. Other important Potions include Free Action, Swiftness, and many stat-enchancing choices as well.
Powerlevel - To assist a lower-level character by heling them quest/grind at a much faster pace. Often more effective with slightly higher-level characters that stay out of group.
Proc - An item effect that goes off under certain condition (on hit, when struck, etc...) These often occur somewhat randomly and are somewhat powerfull when they do occur. Shour for "P.rogrammed R.andom O.C.currence".
Proffesion - Trodes for crafting and gathering. A character can only learn two normal Professions, as opposed to secondary skills.
PST - Please Send Tell, used with ads for items or requests for services. This lets people know that you want to be privately messaged with any offers.
Puller - The person designated to pull enemies back to a group (a task that is essential for safe play in tougher instance dungeons". Hunters are ideal pullers, but any calss can take this role if they are skilled and cautious.
PvE - Player vs. Environment. Quests, dungeon delving, and monsters grinding are considered to be PvE content.
PvP - Player vs. Player. Battleground, world conflicts, arena, and duels are examples of PvP content.

QFT - Qouted For Truth. Used to indicate an assenting opinion.
Queue - The waiting list for the Battlegrounds and log-in server.
Raid - Groups above five characters can form when leader selects the Convert To Raid button. Although experience is reduced dramatically and quests are no longer completable (with serveral exeptions), The firepower (or camaraderie potential) of a large force can be quite beneficial, and necessary in late-game raid dungeons and Battlegrounds.
Random - Used to figure out who gets certain items that many characters want. For instance, if there are several Miners in a group, they may /random for a Mithril Vein that they come across.
Rank - Gaining high Honor in a given week increases your Standing compared to other players of the same faction. Working hard allows you to increae in PvP Rank, allowing considerable rewards in your capital city.
Reputation (Rep)- Different NPC group can be courted in various ways. With increased Reputation you gain acces to items, recipes, and resources. Or, if you go to war against a given faction, you can lose such opportunities and slaugher the masses of their people for fun and profit.
Res Sickness - When brought back to life by a Spirit Healer, there is a period of decreased combat effectiveness. This debuff cannot be cured by characters.
Resistance - Ability to negate or mitigate damage and effect from various magical or non-physical attacks. There are Resistances for Arcane, Fire, Nature, Frost, and Shadow.
Rested Bonus - Characters gain double the normal experience for kills while they are in a Rested state. This accrues while you are logged your or in an Inn/City. Note that Inn/City resting gives your character FOUR times amount of Rested Bonus, so it REALLY helps to log off at such a location at the end of a day.
ROFL/ROFLMAO - Common internet term used as response to something very entertaining. "Roll on The Floor Laughing/Roll on the Floor Laughing my Ass Off."
Resurrection/Rez - Being brought back to life. This is done by returing to a corpse, speaking to a Spirit Healer, or by having healing characters cast various types of Resurrection Spells.
Roleplaying - Staying in-character to promote a greater sense of depth to the world.
Root - To lock an enemy in place for a short time. They can fight, but they cannot move.
Run Speed - How fast your character moves across terrain. There are several ways to increase this, including potions or specific class Abilities.

Snare - To slow an enemy's movement. Hamstring, Wind Clip, Frost Spells of many types, and other such abilities Snare opponenets. They can still move and fight, but it is much easire to Kite them during this time.
Spawn - Defeated enemies and gathered resources return to the world afer a time. This event is called a Spawn (or a Pop).
Specialization - Often refers to Talen selections. This denotes a focus on playing your character in a specific way. Gear, Talents, and playstyle all come togheter to maximize a given Spec. Can refer to trade skills.
Spirit - Attribute that controls the rate of Hit Point(Mana regeneration for your character.
Stacking - Abilities that work in harmony instead of replacing each other are said to Stack, Snores often do NOT Stack. DOTs of almost all types DO Stack.
Stamina - Attribute the determines your character's Hit Point total.
Standing - A ladder for Honor gained a week. You compete aiganst your own faction for high Standing. Achieving extremely high Rank is impossible without consistently high Standing and a hugve investement of time.
Strut - A Statistic that reflects on your gear, levels, Attributes, and current state. Your stat provide a general idea for your character's combat performance.
Stealth - An Ability that allows a character limited invisibiliy at the cost of movement speed, avaible to only Rogues and Druids (as well as some mobs). Stealth is broken when the character takes specific actions or takes damage of any type.
Strenght (STR) - Attribute that determines melee damage and potential for damage mitigation from shield blocking.
Stun - Any ability/effect that COMPLETELY holts an enemy. They cannot move or escape this effect until it wear off. No combat is possible for them at this time.

Talents - Talent Points are used to invest in one of three Talent Trees. Each character class has three major fields of Talents to choosen from, and you can absolutely mix and match from two or even three Talent Trees. Talen Points are given from levels 10-80, adding up to 71 total TPs.
Tank - A tough character designed to grab enemy aggro and gold it while mitigating as much of the damage as possible. Warriors are often the best tanks, but Paladins, Death Knights, and Druids are useful here as well. In lower levels, Shamans and both Hunter or Warlock Pets can also be reliable tanks.
Top - The first point of damage aiganst any target Tops it for you/your group. This designates the monster as yours, turning its status bar grey and all others. Only you can get experience or loot from your Topped target.
Taunt - An ability pushes your character much higher or to the top of a creature's Hate List. Great for Tanking!
Tell/Whisper - A private message, sent directly to a person by typing /tell or /whisper and their name. You can also click on a character's name on the screen and send a /tell from there.
Toon - Another term for your character in-game.
Train - A term used to denote the process of gaining new abilities (wich can be done every even level), as in "I'll go train in Ironforge." It can also be used to denote the act of pulling enemies trough another person/group and getting those people engaged in combat. The second definition can be taken as griefing if done repeatedly to people of the same faction.
Twink - A character (usally low-level) that possesses gear/enchantments greatly above their abilities/means.

Uber - Common slang usage means that a person/monster item is extremely powerful if it is uber.

WTB/WTS - Want to buy / Want to sell.

Zerg - To gather in large group and rush forward. This is often a foolish or risky tactic in the battlegrounds because it leaves points undefended/unwatched. Supporting Allies is good, blind rushing is bad.
Zone - Common term for a region of Azeroth, Wetlands, Hillsbrad, Barens, Dorutar, are all Zones.

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