Monday, April 5

1960 gold an hour spot.

Depends on server!

Hello, The place im about to introduce aint well known and was not as profiting as it is untill 3.3.3, Since the release of 3.3.3 the prices of Iceweb Spider Silk skyrocketed up to the stars this place is now one of the best farm spots. Also now as i post it here on masterofwarcraft the prices will problemy drop alot so use it while it lasts.

We are going to farm Trapdoor Crawlers.

They are found here in zul drak.

They drop Iceweb Spider silk wich sells for 20 gold each at my server.


In fiften minutes i was able to farm
22 Iceweb spider silk wich calculates 440 GOLD
Vendor trash for 20 gold
and 2 greens wich i disenchanted 30 gold ~~

This nets an income of 490 gold in 15 minutes, Take that multiplied by 4 and you get the number 1960 gold an hour!

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