Sunday, March 28

5/5 Relentless Gear w/o PVPing.

Want to Gear up an Alt in PVP gear with practically no effort at all? Well, this is how you do it, without actually having to arena OR do BGs (25 pts a days is WAY too slow anyway).

Before I go on though, let me just say, yes, I know it would probably be easier to just grind up to 1800+ on a toon and get points MUCH quicker, but hey, how long does that take? This is how you get your toon geared w/o having to PVP.

Kind of a trick/exploit I would say cause Blizz doesn't really want this I am sure.


  • Step 1: Buy a 5v5 arena team(will actually work any size, but 5v5 is best for max pts).
  • Step 2: Get 4 friends to do this with ya =p
  • Step 3: Que for 5v5 rated match
  • Step 4: As soon as que pops(usually less than 30 seconds), LEAVE QUE -- You NEVER have to step foot in arena, but leaving que counts as a loss.
  • Step 5: REPEAT for a total of 10 games.

You ONLY have to do this once a week. You will be 0/10, BUT, at the end of the week you still get your 340 arena pts for 5-10 min of effot. I currently have an arena team that is o/40 atm and 1400 Arena pts lol without ever stepping into an arena or a BG.

NOW -- There is one thing that you also need, a total of 58,200 honor for ALL 5 pieces. So, you have a couple of options here... Either send your toons WG commendations from your main to get the honor, negating your effort even more, OR, just doing WG once a week, 3 times and doing those dailes... That will easily get you about 60k honor.

I will do the math for you so you don't have to on time...

Total Arena pts needed FOR 5/5 RELENTLESS?: 3350 / 340 a week = 10 weeks.

Total Honor Pts Needed for 5/5 RELENTLESS?: 58150 / 20k per week in WG = 3 WG runs(once a week).

ANYWAY, before all of you say this is worthless cause it takes 10 weeks to do to get 5/5, just remember, MAYBE it is not for you, but for someone like me who has 7 level 80s, I try to be as efficient with my time as possible, and this is VERY helpful for gearing up some of my alts.

Just think, if you had started doing this at the beginning of Season 8, you would already be just about done with EVERY toon of yourse in Full relentless with 10 min or less of play time a week.


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Anonymous said...

fantastic. You may drop wratful or relentless from VoA every week. And there is a daily random battleground que.It gives 25 arena points per day. think this to. Having good pvp or pve gear is not hard anymore.

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