Thursday, April 8

Walk behind walls! [no macro required]

Now you don't need this macro anymore to pass wall:

/run if(not scm) then scm = SendChatMessage; end; function SendChatMessage(msg,type,lang,chan) scm("\124cFF00FFCC\124Hitem:19:0:0:0:0:0 :0: \124h" ..msg.. "\124h\124r",type,lang,chan);end;


What you have to do is just to summon your mount near a wall like before. But you don't have to use the macro, you will not be dismounted like before the last patch. You character will be able to walk behind walls.

Try to cross the bubble in the eye of the storm for exemple, you will see it is easy to cross it.

You just have to go near the wall and summon your your mount.

To jump through the wall you have to beable to jump over the wall.

This was the first spot i was able to get over the wall.

2nd spot jumped through and fell through dalaran.

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