Monday, May 31

500g-1000g and 2,000,000+ XP per hour as mage

The Ultimate Mage Etrick is back!

Todays Exploit: Killing Cultists in Corp'Rethar!

They come in packs of 54 and are immune to slows, have 37,800 health, and run faster than you.

How to: Without the quest 'Tirions Gambit' this goes somewhat slowly. Just pull the packs, living bomb everything in sight, and keep running. Blink keeps your distance just enough to outpace them. Ignite and talents should keep your mana at 100%. The only important thing to know is after they group up tightly if you're hit once you're dead. Kaput. This nets about 1,000,000 XP per hour for grouped, unrested XP.

How to: With the quest 'Tirions Gambit', this goes very quickly. Pull the end of both sides as normal, but let the spawned Ebon Knights take agro. As they do, or a few seconds before they do, put down a flamestrike, Mirror Image, and start blizzarding. You gain 100% XP and 100% loot. My friend gained 2500 XP per kill at 71 and 2800 XP per kill at 72, so the closer to 80 you are you should be getting better XP (guessing about 5k, which would put it at 8,000,000 XP per hour rested, ungrouped). I've also got about 500g from the drops, and we were both looting, so I would say 1000g or so ungrouped.

If you're powerleveling someone else, I've found that having them hover in the air works (about 1/2 a bar per pull unrested, grouped).

Enjoy it while it lasts!

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