Wednesday, June 30

Ancient Greece Reference at Azure Watch in Azuremyst Isle

This was just a interesting find that I came across while leveling my Draenei Paladin. While looking at map I saw a place called "Odesyus' Landing" reference to great hero Odysseus. I thought nothing more of it, maybe just coincidence. While turning in a quest at Azure Watch I looked at the Quest givers name. It was "Menelaous", King of Spartas name was Menelaus. Seeing this I roamed around the watch post. Inside the inn theres a Innkeeper that goes by the name of "Chellen", take away the "C" and you have Hellen. Beloved Queen of Sparta.  Funny enough my characters name was Apolloslight.

And I just found the Hero himself "Admiral Odesyus"

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