Friday, June 25

Evade mobs with ease

I found this trick which makes the mobs run away from you much MUCH faster. Like if you are being chased, and you need to shake the mobs away from you, you can:
  1. LEFT-CLICK so you can control your camera without moving your character
  2. Don't move your camera
  3. Spam A and D so you turn slightly left and right all the time
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!
The mobs tries to calculate where you can trying to run to, like if you run left, the mobs will turn a little more left so they can meet you up when you turn or something!
When you spam A and D, the mobs calculate a little late and lags from left to right!

Serverside: you'll see yourself move a little to left and right, nothing more.
Clientside: everybody, including players, sees that you are lagging, first moving to left, then "teleports" to the right.

When you are running through a pack for 4 mobs WITHOUT this bug, you'll get hit approx 7-10 times before you are out of range from them.

WITH this bug, you can get away from the mobs, in a about 1-2 hits

Macro that to your G15 or G13 for increased effect

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