Sunday, August 22

Twin Peaks CTF BG (as a level 83 Frost Mage)

This is the first new BG of Cataclysm. It's a new CTF that works like Warsong does, but in a completely new zone. I recorded this fast and skipped the BG start, but it's still 12 minutes of fighting including 2 flags captures and win. I am using my 2 new spells in the video, Curtain of Frost and Flame Orb. Sadly, the Combat Text are bugged for the moment so you won't see the amounts of damage I'm doing (that's annoying). I have 50004 hp with quests/dungeons gear.

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shai_0914 on 6 Dec 2010, 13:17:00 said...

Hey everyone, after spending some time in the beta, I can tell you that the xpac should be lots of fun, I just got my key for it on on the early side :)

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