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Elemental invasion (howto)

So, phase 4 of the elemental invasion have started.
There wasnt any good directions at the sites I looked at, mostly simple explanations and loottables.
You might also notice how many people in tradechat thats so confused they shit bats out of their faces.
Lets begin shall we?

NO prequests needed for this one! <-- so, that out of the way.

Elementals are comming to town!

Stormwind, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff.
Phase 1, prepare for the big attack!
At (random 2-3 hours?) times, there will be a yell and you will noticed a text saying you need to set up X barricades, it has begun!

Low levels can escape and skip certain death by using portals near inns.

Minor Elementals, non elites spawns.

You will need to set up barricades located in boxes shattered all around the cities and placing X ammount of them at locations.

The locations varried from city to city, it looks like a small hunter-mark on the floor.

Be sure to grab a Earthen Ring Unbinding Totem to save your friends or NPCs thats frozen/stunned.
Easy peasy cake, aquirred from Earthen Ring Defenders spread out in the city.

The big ones that hurt!

Now the real invasion starts!
There will spawn rifts (yes you can get the feat of strength from this event!), for every elemental you kill the rift lose 1 hp.
Elementals hit hard and can permastun you, just pray that your friend use a totem on you there to get released.

There is also trapped citizen you need to use the totems on, inorder to free.

They can spawn inside houses, behind wierd untraveled boxes and such. can be a pain to find.

At the middle top screen, you can see how many rifts that are left in that area you currently are in, and how many more npcs you need to rescue.

Check map to see where its safe, and where theres still rifts to destroy/people needed saving.

Once you manage to stop the invasion of.. lets say Orgrimmar, you will now unlock 2 new bosses that will be up for (30 minutes?) that you can use dungeon finder to queue for. (or the portals that spawns in that town)

BUT dont forget to save Thunderbluff also! (Orgrimmar tend to be saved first, guessing its Stormwind for Alliance)
Once thunderbluff is saved you unlock 2 other bosses in the LFG, with their own timer of 30minutes befor being removed from the dungeontool, until its saved again.
If you save thunderbluff to slow, the orgrimmar bosses might have dropped from the LFG table.

Many people yell for raid, some dont understand why you even want to be in a raidgroup.
I let yah in on a secret.... buff. heals, and teamwork : D

The bosses/dungeons!

Once entered the instance you will be infront of the boss more or less.
You will have one of the faction-leaders to give you a quest for each boss and they also help out during the encounter, more or less that is.

Grand Ambassador Flamelash -> BRD-> This guy have 2 nasty things to consider.
He does a flame on the ground, basic rule, move out of fire! it hurts, almost insta-crisp.
He also spawn annoying (non-aggresive) flames that will walk towards him, but aye, aoe does make them aggresive.
No issues as long as you stay out of insta-crisp so to say.

Kai'ju Gahz'rilla -> ZF -> Frost resistance helps here, so if your a paladin, toggle ze damn resist aura!
This one have adds infront of it you want to clear.

Once in combat, the boss spits out random ice-bolts that hurts.
He will make some ice(cream) under players, just move out of it and you wont be launched in the air, simple!
He will freeze randomly (mostly tank or the one with aggro) wich will make the tank to drop aggro, dispell if you can, it also ticks for minor damage.
If your dps is moderate/slow he will after a while iceblock and refill up his HP with a huge ammount, only happens once, so just burst him down again.
Probably one of the slower bosses to kill.

Prince Sarsarun -> AQ20 -> Got a few adds to kill befor the bossfight starts.
This one will randomly spawn a tornado that knocks people up in the air if you stand in its path, and silence you, can be muliply of those out in combat at the same time.

He will do an AOE-stun that goes from around 10k-5k damage on everyone now and then. stuns for (2?) seconds. cant recall exact time. thats about it!

Crown Princess Theradras -> Mara ->
Repulsive Gaze (aoe fear) can be avoided by turning away from her shortly before the end of the cast, similar to Eadric's Radiance (from ToC5).

Standing behind the boss helps out to avoid 2 of her skills, so tank her facing away.
Dust Field, knocks them back and deals damage.
Earth Crack deals damage in a cone infront of her, got a cast-time. (nature damage, so hunters can help out here)
Also throws a rock that interrupts spellcast.
Tanks; Earth Crack can be easily avoided by strafing sidewards as soon as you see her cast it.

(thanks to Kciroj at wowhead for some of that info on Theradras)

How can YOU help out the non-knowing people?

Make 1 or 2 macros and use them now and then during the invasion.

something around the line
/2 Invasion is on! Check your map, kill elementals, save city -> will enable 2 new instaces if you save org, and 2 other instance for saving TB, save both! -> Use dungeontool to queue for them ONCE the city is saved, no prequest or quest for this event.

I dont got the exact time for the invasion, something around 1-2hours.
You would be amazed on how many people that asks why/how/when/where.
This speed things up.

Happy elemental invasion!
and remember...
Every time an elemental invasion starts, a gnome somewhere will die atleast once during it, so enjoy!

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