Friday, December 10

Amazing Farming Location in Deepholm! I made 6k+ in 1 hour. Hurry, inevitable nerf!

This involves AOE packs with low health with full loot tables and they are usually hit with the nerf bat pretty quickly. They don't give full xp but they do give some.. I hope that is okay. If I have broken any rules please let me know and I will comply immediately.

In Deepholm I started working on these two quests:


Making Things Crystal Clear

Which put me in an area with groups of these two mob packs:

Jaspertip Swarmer

Stone Bat - Which can be skinned!

These mobs spawned as quickly as I could loot and skin them, LITERALLY!

But also, the trick to my success was this potion:

Potion of Treasure Finding

Which causes mobs to ocassionally drop:

Tiny Treasure Chest

They have a chance to drop roughly 1-3g, up to 15 embersilk, and up to 5 random Volatile elements.

I do not know if this area is phase shifted.. I know that part of the quest line requires you to become friendly with the large elemental rock creatures that walk around there, that's why I listed which quests I was working on.

So the totals for 1 hour of farming (based on MY server prices, low pop, my vary greatly):

Vendor Trash: 235g

Treasure Chests: 127g AND
8 Volatile Fire x 28 = 224g
2 Volatile Air x 71 = 142g
4 Volatile Earth x 40 = 160g
4 Volatile Water x 54 = 216g
3 Volatile Life x 14.8 = 44.4g

(between the chests and mob drops) 164 Embersilk x 11.8 = 1935.2g

(skinning the bats) 134 Savage Leather x 9 = 1206g

(skinnings the bats) 1 Pristine Hide x 300 = 300g

18 Toughened Flesh x 17 = 306g

The greens DE'd into
9 Greater Celestial Essence x 75 = 675g
1 Lesser Celestial Essence x 24 = 24g
9 Hypnotic Dust x 75 = 675g

Grand Total: 6269.6g

Experience Gained: 190k xp @ 83

Obviously prices will vary on your server but I'm sure you'll make lots of money as well!

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