Sunday, December 5

Farming scryers rep / insane gold *requires quite a few friends*

I think this belongs in exploits and not guides because simply how it works.
Right outside of shat there are basilisks, if you get a group of people *1 person per each spawn point* you can kill them and they instantly respawn. I did this for an hour and got well over 150 dampscale basilisk eyest. These eyes sell from anywhere from 5g each to 20g each in AH.

You want people that can kill the mobs pretty much instantly so respawns go faster, also make sure you loot just as fast as you kill to optimise the respawns. If one person is slacking, you will notice. These items are turned in for scyers rep with this quest: More Basilisk Eyes

Here is the positioning of the group.

Here is a picture of us in action:

Quick recount

  • Get 11 other friends
  • Spread out so 1 person over each spawn
  • Start killing
  • Loot
  • Win

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