Tuesday, December 14

Level 42-52 in minutes

The Eye of Naxxramas in Stratholme summons two Rockwing Gargoyles every time he is aggro'd. If you stand in a place where he evades, he continues to summon tons and tons of mobs. Shorty and I, after we had about 100 rounded up (which was very fast), had some absolutely terrible 85 mage who nearly died because he only cast arcane explosion, and had them melee attack him constantly. We got around 450 experience per kill with just him killing them, and that was about 45,000 experience (3 RAF quests) in just a few moments. It would be easy to go from 42-52 if a high level friend just popped in to AoE kill them once every couple minutes.

We were surprised how easy this was, everyone who wants to try it can surely see the great results.


We decided to take it to the extreme. Shorty is setting his farclip values below minimum, and going to stay in an evade spot with an anti-afk something over night. We'll come back and see if the battlegroup has gone down by then or if it will take an extra day or so (But we're already crashing people who try to load in).

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