Friday, January 21

Get more than one raid in Tol Barad

First off you need to get the que to get into Tol Barad (you or some other random person).

After that, you leave the Tol Barad raid, forming your own group with people already in Tol Barad, doing this allows the MAIN Tol Barad raid group to bring in others. (I actually did this earlier today, it was honestly by accident)

And Im currently doing it now

So in short:
Get in Que for Tol Barad, join the main group, have you and others in the main group form a raid outside of the group, others will be able to get into the main Tol Barad group, win Tol Barad with more people that is allowed!

To make this more organized make a global channel for everyone to join, once your in the main Tol Barad group assign 3-4 people to start a raidgroup. After thats done, have others (2-3 people to start out with) pm the others forming the raid, keep doing this til all the other raids are filled

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