Saturday, January 29

Noclip through instances without hacks.

As any engineer knows by now, the failrate of our rocket boosts has been increased considerably since cata hit us.

And, as any goblin engineer knows by now, parachutes (of any kind, slowfalls and levitates) gets cancelled by the goblin Rocket Jump, while at the same time given a cooldown.

This means that Rocket Jump can't be used together with a slow fall of any kind.

What we'll do to make an exploit out of this is that we use our rocket boosts (the engineering belt enchant for those who do not know) until we get a fail, shouldn't take more than a few tries nowadays. That will launch us high in the air, noclippng through the roof on the way up and down. Normally when falling, this will give you a parachute. What we do is that we use our Rocket Jump while we're as high up as we can be. We will be launched forwards, and the parachute from the boosts fail will open up, and we will glide through all walls.

When the parachute from the fail ends, the cooldown on your normal 'chute that the boosts started will have ended and you can keep gliding.

TL;DR: Use rocket boosts until fail, use goblin rocket jump at highest point. Glide through walls.

Now, this is ofc very useful for any kind of exploration, but is also very relevant as an exploit. It can be used to bypass bosses that you can not kill.

I myself glided from halfus room to cho'gall, even though valiona and council were still alive.
You could also probaly use it to bypass most bosses in AQ40.

You could also probably use it to bypass the nonsoloable bosses in BWL to get to either the latter bosses or just the elementium mobs, that still fetch a really good price on the auction house.

You could also probably use it to make 30 second baron mount runs.

I assume there are plenty other uses for this that I haven't throught of yet, feel free to test and report back if you can think of anything else.

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