Monday, February 7

[Endless] Lovely Charms @ Stonecore

Part 1
  1. Get to Stonecore NH
  2. Go to this Spot:

3) There are packs of "Rock Borer" with 5000 life each. Kill them and get your Lovely Charms.

Attention: Pull the pack with a max dmg spell. The first one of the mobpack will die and the other run to you. If you have kill the other 7, the first one is respawn. If you do it thies way, you have endless respawn without a break!

Part 2
1) Go to Stonecore NH
2) Clear the Trash to Corborus
3) Fight Corborus but don't kill him. He spawns the "Rock Borer" when he get under the earth - kill them and profit.

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