Thursday, February 24

Herbalism Farming Routes + Alchemy Money Guide.

Mount Hyjal - Cinderbloom (occasional Stormvine)

And here is a picture of a Rhino

Uldum - Whiptail

And here is a picture of a magical Chalice

Twilight Higlands - Twilight Jasmine

And here is a picture of a cowboy who is really happy because he just farmed a bigload of herbs

Alchemy Guide

Now, you might be potions master or transmute master.
Big mistake. Elixir master procs elixirs who will proc with a bigger value than the both of em.

For example:
Truegold will only proc 5% of the time, giving you 800g (estimated)
Potions are rarely worth 20g and if it procs *Cough*no gold*cough*

Now elixir master makes a whole lot of gold
You do need more expensive mats, but with all the farming routes at the previous pages you will have the materials.
All most expensive flasks cost at least 8 volatile life.
Now, before you make the flasks its important to check the AH prices, some servers (like mine) are the mats more expensive than the flasks, in that case sell the herbs and not the flasks.

These recipes make the most money.

Flask of the Draconic Mind
Flask of the Winds
Flask of Titanic Strength
Flask of Steelskin

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