Monday, February 14

Tradable soulbound BOEs during dungeons and possibly raids.

Not sure if this is intended or not but while running a heroic random, a pair of world epic boe gloves dropped. Another clothie rolled need and I rolled need as well because the melee and healer couldnt. I won and the clothie wouldn't shut up so i equipped them to show that i actually plan on using them. After the dungeon was over, I switched toons to get a gem and enchant for it. Logged back over and still had a timer on it. Out of curiousity, I invited one of the melee back to group and was able to trade with him. Once he traded back, they were BOE again. I didnt have time to do a SS cause he logged after and the time has since expired.

But my understanding on the dungeon trading was only items looted from bosses would have the timer option, not world drops. I haven't gotten to test this in a raid or BOT trash run, will test this out tonight when we go in if one falls.

How is this useful? Maybe you need it for an alt, or maybe you need the gold.

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