Tuesday, February 15

Wanna have some fun in Vortex Pinnacle? Bring some priests! (Mind Control excitement!)

This can be some fun pulls for mind control. Even if you don't jump them off the edge, you can MC one of the healers and start dropping 100k+ heals on your party for the duration of the fight.

You can also knock them off the ledge afaik, it's fun to try it or fool around some, but you get no loot (heroics have a higher chance to yield random epic drops than world mobs remember?), gold or rep from the mobs that you force to suicide this way.

I hate the priests who consistently MC and jump with these mobs even after being kindly asked not to. Seriously how uncooperative can you get? When we're a couple of months more into Cata and nobody needs rep anymore and the point will be to hasten heroic runs I won't really care, but some of us still need that trash rep.

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