Thursday, March 17

Fast light leather farming in Redridge

Just found a spot north in Redridge with a couple of Great Goretusks lvl 14-15 which insta spawns after they get killed. Skilled up my skinning from 80-132 in less than 20 minutes in addition to getting alot of light leather, lotsa boar meat, boar livers, light hides amd some greens. They spawn within a few yeards of the same spot each time. Killed 10 boars within 40 secs but with a higher lvl character you`ll be able to farm them alot faster than my lvl 26 char:P

Having trouble uploading pics to mmowned, so here`s links to instead

This is the spot, with the gate to the Burning Steppes in view. Also, where the boar is in the picture is the furthest you have to move between kills.

Farm location on the middle of the path to the Burning Steppes border from Redridge mountains.

8 kills from insta spawns in 35 secs.

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