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Is Blizzard running out of ideas?

The most popular trend of adding 'new' content to World of Warcraft by re-using old content along with models was introduced back in the Burning Crusade Expansion.

Seriously, how many of you remember this guy?

Wrath's continuation...
This trend was developing vigorously even in Wrath of the Lich King. 
You might recall Naxxramas, or the countless Onyxia setbacks. This time Blizzard was even too lazy to make new models of the First Tier Raid Set of Wrath (Tier 7) and re-used old Tier 3 Sets as recolours. The Death Knight class was the only class to get a unique set. The sole reason for this was its first appearance in Wrath.

On the screenshot you can see the Tier 7 Death Knight Set, the very first DK set.

Cataclysm and its forthcoming patches
In Patch 4.1, things will get no different. 
This time, Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman are being reintroduced as 5-player heroic dungeons.

Some of the old-school players may remember Zul'Gurub as a raid-zone, introduced in Patch 1.7 and removed from game with the launch of Cataclysm.
Others may have farmed for Swift Zulian Tiger and/or Swift Razzashi Raptor mounts.

Both these mounts have been removed from the game and are unobtainable for the time being.

Amani War Bear Not So Armani Anymore
Sad news to all the proud owners of the once, unique mount removed from game!
Since hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people were complaining about the removal of the Amani War Bear on the official forums, Blizzard has decided to bring the mount backalong with Zul'Aman in 4.1.

This is the model of the mount, added in 4.1. Yet another recolour, seriously, but it got a new name! Ladies and gentleman welcome Amani Battle Bear!

Wait, there's even more!
Both the tiger and raptor mount are being recycled too!
Here are their final models. 

Swift Razzashi Raptor now known as Armored Razzashi Raptor

Swift Zulian Tiger now known as Swift Zulian Panther

I personally think it's sad that a company, such as Blizzard, can't really hire a proper model-dealing staff and comes to conclusions such as these.
I remember Zul'Aman as being an awesome 10-player raid. Why don't they just leave things as they were?

What's your opinion on recycling old content?
Is that something you really hate about the game or even welcome?

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