Monday, March 14

Quicker Heroics for Tank/Heals

Since they made it that you can no longer see if the instance is in progress when you queue for a random heroic, its tough to judge whether your instance will be a full run or be halfway cleared and let you finish the instance in half the time. Generally, what I do to give me a better chance to get an instance in progress is that I know, as a healer, the queue will pop within a minute.

What you need to do is sit there and wait for the queue to pop and accept it immediately, and if you enter the instance immediately there's a good chance the instance is in progress. However, if you accept it and others in the group have yet to accept it, the instance is most likely a fresh instance (of course, if say 2-3 people left an instance in progress, you this goes against this philosophy but it generally holds true). What you need to do is log out if you see someone has not accepted the queue and just start over. This is not a guarantee to get an instance in progress but it gives you a better chance.

In steps, cause I know you guys love steps.

  1. Queue for a heroic as a tank or healer
  2. Wait for the queue to pop, and be ready to accept it immediately
  3. If you get ported to the instance right away, chances are the instance is in progress
  4. If you need to wait for the dps or tank/healer to accept the queue as well, log out and try again.

Attempt at your own risk, the healer or tank may have left for a reason

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