Monday, April 4

New Money-Making projects of Goblins from Gadgetzan?

New Money-Making methods by Goblins of Gadgetzan
Feralas seems to be the next zone, where the Gadgetzan goblins are extending their business. Located at the very south of Feralas, Patch 4.1 adds a little town and a beach. 

Map of the precise location of the newly added area.

Here is the screenshot of the zone as of now, before the patch. It's rather dull anduninhabited.

This is how the area looks now. Once dull, now a beach! What an awesome idea.
There are many mobs (from humans through orcs) having a tan and swimming, if you talk to them, 
they will complain about how expensive that place is.

This is the look of the place after zooming in a little. In the snapshot you can see a human dancing to impress the gnome lady in bikini.

Here you can see a few Resort Guests enjoying the sun.

An orc dancer performing tricks and other visitors waiting in queue. I don't really know what's this supposed to mean...

This was the last screenshot of the beach, let's now have a closer look at the town!

The Town

The town is located near the beach, so no further maps are really necessary. Here you can see the area where the goblins started to build the town...

...after all of the effort and a few patch builds it now looks like this! Goblins (Blizzard) have made a holiday resort of some kind, in order to profit from the upcoming hot spring and summer months this season!

Inside the Town...

You can see plenty of children (perhaps, orphans) here. In this case a draenei child along with a big red engraved goblin emblem on a giant keg.

In order to satisfy the customers, members of the Resort Staff are doing everything in their power. From the look of this guy's face I can't really say he seems to be happy with his profession. Maybe he should have chosen Jewelcrafting

This is the chef of the place, preparing food for the hungry visitors with a bitter gesture in his face...

I have no clue what this is, but I really like the interior of that place.

The Bar Staff comprised of goblin ladies and...a CRAB!

Frankly, this is the first time I see a mob washing another one. I clearly do not know anything about their aims with the poor mammoths, but someone should better call D.E.H.T.A. !

Some Final Words...
Many of the mobs present on the island have some emotes added. Dialogues have not still been implemented. Only time will tell us what goal does Blizzard have with this newly added zone.

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