Tuesday, April 26

Queue for Low Level Dungeons at 85

This one is relatively useless, but is more for humor. Although you can use it to boost a low level friend

How it works is relatively simple:

  1. Have at least two people in your group and make sure you're in the dungeon finder, such as after doing your daily heroic.
  2. Have your group leader zone into any low level dungeon.
  3. Once there, have someone that's not the leader leave the group. This will prompt your character to be in queue.
  4. Clear out an old world dungeon for some newbies

Here's a screenshot:

If you look closely, you can see my Twilight Vanquisher title. As well as somebody on another server getting the achievement. And the first guy was actually a guildy who didn't have RFC at level 85

Here's a screenshot of the queue at 85:

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