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Cataclysm Guide to Achievement - Insane in the Membrane

**Guide Introduction**

First and foremost, I'm well aware there are several guides out there for this achievement, but I have yet
to see a comprehensive one that accommodates the changes included in Cataclysm.

To be perfectly honest, you've probably seen the same, if not similar information here or somewhere else, the only truly unique thing 
I bring to this guide is the excel spreadsheet towards the end of the post, which factors in all reputation gains via guild/racials, but please feel free to read through it as I think I covered the guide rather well

Now since cataclysm has come out, this achievement has become a little easier. 
Don't get me wrong, it's still very hard, but there have been improvements.


The *OLD* requirements needed:
Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers
Exalted with Booty Bay
Exalted with Rachet
Exalted with Everlook
Exalted with Gadgetzan
Exalted with Darkmoon Faire
Exalted with Shen’dralar
Exalted with Ravenholdt

The *NEW* requirements do not need Shen’dralar, as the faction has been removed from the game since the shattering.

**TLDR Version**

So let's just give you a quick rundown of what is required for a TLDR version. (Quoted from Merowlin - Wowhead)

Kill Booty Bay Bruisers to honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers.
Kill Tanaris Pirates until Exalted with Everlook, Booty Bay and Ratchet.
Kill Barrens Pirates until Exalted with Gadgetzan.
Kill Syndicates in Hillsbrad Foothills, Alterac Mountain or Arathi Highlands until Revered with Ravenholdt.
Turn in 1405 Heavy Junkboxes to Fahrad (Ravenholdt), can only be acquired via pickpocket from 50-60 mobs.
Turn in 160 Rugged Armor Kits until 2000/6000 Friendly with Darkmoon Faire, then turn in 1480 Rogues Deck (or 106 epic decks).


Ok so here comes the fun, below you'll find the detailed guides for each faction. All number indicated are raw,
it does not factor in human diplomacy, guild bonuses, or holiday buffs. This will be outlined further down in the guide

**Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers**

This can be done in a group, you get you and some friends that want this achievement,
whether it be The Insane or Avast Ye, Admiral! - Avast Ye, Admiral! - Achievement - World of Warcraft - it will go faster in a group.

Each time you kill a Booty Bay guard, you will gain Bloodsail Reputation.
Fairly straight forward, go down to Booty Bay, kill a bunch of guards....profit.

Hated       0-36000       1,440
Hostile     0-3000        120
Unfriendly  0-3000        120
Neutral     0-3000  120
Friendly    0-6000  240
Honored     0-12000  480
Total: 2520 Kills assuming you get 25 rep per kill (as most mobs in Booty Bay will give you)

in doing so, you will be become hated with the Steamwheedle Cartel, leading me to our next grind.

**Exalted with Booty Bay / Ratchet / Everlook / Gadgetzan**

You do -not- have to maintain your honored reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers in order to complete the insane achievement.
Since the shattering, all quests have been reset, so you can now redo all low level quests in winterspring, STV, etc to 
help gain reputation with these guys.

Now there's a couple avenues we can go down, and I will list as many as I know of.

As a side note, alot of people used to use Dire Maul, but that is now retired since the Shattering.

_-Cloth hand-ins - Credit due to slicerace (Wowhead)-_

For those willing to spend gold instead of time, here's a way you can speed up your rep.

To go from Hated - Neutral, you can hand in cloth to repair your reputation, but in doing so, you will damage your bloodsail rep.

If you're ok with that, you will need:

For: Mending Old Wounds - Quest - World of Warcraft
168 stacks of linen (3360 linen cloth)
336 Empty Vials

For: Traitor to the Bloodsail - Quest - World of Warcraft
84 stacks of silk (1680 silk cloth)
168 Red Dye

For: War at Sea - Quest - World of Warcraft
42 stacks of mageweave (840 mageweave cloth)
84 Strong Flux

For: Making Amends - Quest - World of Warcraft
21 stacks of runecloth (420 runecloth)
42 Coal


I give it to you in that order because I believe you to general economy / farming conditions, that will be the 
most effective way of earning your reputation back as every hand in gives 500 rep for the faction town faction you're handing in
and 250 for all others.

_-Killing Pirates-_

You can start this at any reputation level (whether you've hated or neutral with Steamwheedle).

In Ratchet, you kill Southsea pirates which grant: 
+2.5 Rep Gadgetzan
+2.5 Rep Everlook
+2.5 Rep Booty Bay
+5 Rep Ratchet (Maxes out at 11,999/12,000)

In Gadgetzan, you earn the following rep for the pirates there:

Kills grant:
+2.5 Rep Everlook
+2.5 Rep Booty Bay
+2.5 Rep Ratchet
+5 Rep Gadgetzan (Maxes out at 11,999/12,000)

Now you can either stay in Ratchet will you get full exalted with everything besides Ratchet, then move to Tanarais to continue past Honored,
or vice versa.

In any case, I strongly suggest against looting anything as it will just slow you down.

All of which are easily one-shottable for any class with a one hit kill ability :P

This will take you all the way to exalted.

**Exalted with Ravenholdt**

The plan and simple fact is you either need alot of money to buy lock boxes, or your own rogue to farm a bunch.

You're going to need nearly ~1400 lock boxes to hand in, obviously you cannot carry that many, so you can use items such as 
MOLL-E - Portable Mailbox - MOLL-E - Item - World of Warcraft (Engineers only)
Jeeves - Portable Bank access - Jeeves - Item - World of Warcraft (Engineers only)
Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth - Vendor for quest rewards - Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth - Item - World of Warcraft
Argent Pony Bridle - Argent Pony Bridle - Item - World of Warcraft - Vendor / Bank (Argent Tournament Pet Required)
Mobile Banking - Guild chest if you have the ability to store you lockboxes in a guild bank - Mobile Banking - Spell - World of Warcraft
Repair Bot - Vendor - Field Repair Bot 110G - Item - World of Warcraft (Engineering)

As you're going to be repeating a lot of quests hand ins, here's a few macros you might 

Macro for delete any Dusksteel Throwing Knife in your inventory and then, if you have right clicked the NPC, complete the quest.
(Credit marshen - wowhead)
/run for b=0,4,1 do for s=1,32,1 do local n=GetContainerItemLink(b,s);if n and string.find(n,"Dusksteel Throwing Knife") then PickupContainerItem(b,s);DeleteCursorItem();end;end;end;SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1);CompleteQuest();GetQuestReward();
Perhaps not best to be used it you want to vendor the Dusksteel Throwing Knife you revieve, which vendors for 1g 32s 53c - so we'll seperate the macros
(Credit Kibazu - wowhead)
/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1); CompleteQuest(); GetQuestReward();
This macro is for turning in the quests automatically. Basically all you have to do is right-click the quest giver and press the macro three times.

And to delete the items with no confirmation box:
(Credit Kibazu - wowhead)
/run for bag = 0,4,1 do for slot = 1, 32, 1 do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); if name and string.find(name,"Dusksteel Throwing Knife") then PickupContainerItem(bag,slot); DeleteCursorItem(); end; end; end

There are only two ways to gain reputation with Ravenholdt.

Until revered, you need to kill Syndicate NPC's.
Past revered, you hand in lock boxes. (See Junkboxes Needed - Quest - World of Warcraft)

Obtaining Revered is done by going to Stormgarde Keep in Arathi Highlands and killing mobs. (5 rep per kill)
Next you need to farm lock boxes, from lvl 50-60 mobs, of which you will require 1405. (or 1470 for 999/1000)

Now you cannot buy/sell these items on the AH, so you will either need a 65+ rogue (for speed and convenience) to farm the boxes with
Alot of gold, as, on my server atleast, if you find someone that sells them, they cost 20g per box, equating to roughly 25,000g

**Note - after the Shattering, Tyr's hand can no longer be used to farm boxes as the mobs are lower level.**

Locations to farm boxes include:
Lower Blackrock Spire: Numerous humanoid mobs very close together. Due to it being a dungeon, you cannot face any competition from other rogues.
Blackrock Depths: particularly the Ring of the Law spectators, once the circle of law event has been completed. 

**Exalted with Darkmoon Faire**


Have alot of gold, or an inscriptionist character.
All decks on AH are more than likely overpriced, and the cost of buying cards invidiually, though it may be time consuming to get them cheap
will save you several hundred gold per deck.

You can offer people x amount of gold to hand in their decks for them, as all cards are BoE, this may assist you in gaining rep faster.


You can gain 2000/6000 Friends by turning in various items, the top tier of items, that you can hand in no matter what are:

10 x [Evil Bat Eye]
10 x [Glowing Scorpid Blood]
08 x [Dense Grinding Stone]
06 x [Thorium Widget]
08 x [Rugged Armor Kit] 

of which you need 20 quest hand ins.

You then move to Darkmoon Card & Inscription Decks, of which you need 106 darkmoon decks. You need 14 inscription decks to give the 
same amount of reputation as one Darkmoon Deck.

On my server, you can buy darkmoon cards, on average, for 20-25g, and inscription cards for 1-3 gold.

This will add up to alot of money, so be prepared to spend it, or spend alot of time farming herbs to create cards with inscription.

**Theorycraft Corner**

Now I don't have alot of information here, perhaps it can be expanded upon in the future, but the most important tool I can think to give you is a spreadsheet to help calculate reputation, as well as a list you can utilize to record your darkmoon cards.

Office 2003 Version
Office 2003 Version - Second upload


Only one thing I can think of that I've already encountered, and that is the Guild Reputation Banner does not effect quest hand ins.

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