Wednesday, May 18

Extra Winterspring / Tol Barad dailies a day

Over the past few weeks of grinding Tol Barad and Winterspring cub dailies, I noticed something interesting. The time that random dailies change and reset are different. More specifically, despite the dailies resetting at 4am server the random dailies change over at 3am.

This means that you can do a daily quest, get the reward and at 3am do the daily for the next day BEFORE the reset, meaning you can do it again in an hour as well.

There are a couple of restrictions to this. One, you only have an hour to do the new daily before the reset, and two, if the quest it changes to happens to be the same as before, it'll still count as you having done it. 

With this, you can get your Winterspring mount 75% faster, get a few extra tokens in TB a day, or who knows what else. Enjoy your faster whisker grind 

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