Thursday, May 26

Farm ZG/ZA mounts easily by only queueing to one of them.

I've found this method a few days ago with my ZA Bear group, and doing this allowed me to increase my profits considerably with my selling groups.

Basically, you can game the RFD tool by only "random" queueing into ZA or ZG, if so you choose.

You can do that by simply having a full cleared out raid lock for the instance you don't want to queue to. If you're in a group, the person with the cleared ID has to be the one that ques you.

Old trick, I know, people did that to avoid Oculus back in WotLK. The thing is, both ZA and ZG have rewards worth farming for (Bears or Panther/Raptor mounts), and they're separated into their own LFD category so a random queue would always go to one of them.

I've been testing this trick with my Bear group so I can sell some bears, and it worked every single time I've tried (did it at least 10 times before thinking about posting here). Just cleared a ZG (killed even Zanzil and Cache of Madness, just to be sure) and would keep extending the lock, that way I can effectively queue only to ZA every single time, as many times per day as I can.

I've tried searching for "raid id", "extend lock", "za mount", "zg mount", "zul'aman", "zul'gurub" with no mention to this, thus looked at the most recent posts on both Normal and Elite Exploit forums, so unless I massively ignored something I'm pretty sure this is the first post on this trick.

I'M NOT SURE IF THIS WORKS FOR ZG (killing Daakara so you only get ZG in your queues), BUT I CAN 100% CONFIRM THIS WORKS FOR ZA. Just make sure you don't kill any of the end bosses (Zanzil/Jin'do or Malacrass/Daakara) on the instance you want to keep queueing over and over.

Thanks for your time reading this. Hope you people find this useful.

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