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How to sell rare spawns (18k/30-40 minutes)


This is a guide on how to sell rare spawns this may seem like a genius idea or a complete retarded idea, whichever way you look at it thats fine. however I make on average 5k+ per day by camping a rare in Deepholm and it only takes about 5 minutes per day.


Jadefang is the rare I mostly sell, selling this mob is actually very easy to sell because of his location. Another reason he is easy to sell is because he is a hunter rare pet and he drops a pet Tiny Shale Spider - Item - World of Warcraft. If you do not know about his location he is located in a cave up on a ledge. On average it will take a player who knows how to get there 10+ minutes from Org. If a player does not know how to get up there which most likely they do not it will take much much longer.

How to sell him

The first thing I done was logged on my level 80 alt I no longer use, I put him in a guild that was level 22 so I could use the guild summon to summon the buyers to his location (I summoned my friend to his location on my main and he summoned my alt) Then what I do is find buyers 2 ways; 1 log on my main spam trade chat (Be careful make sure nobody is heading to Deepholm) the 2nd way to sell is to whisper rich players on your server, Ive done this several times and sold him for 5-7k on average. (NOTE: I do not stay on my lvl 80 and just camp him 24/7 I log on him once every two hours)

How much Ive made

Ive just started to do this, this is my fourth day doing this and ive sold him a total of 3 times for 5k the first time, 7k the second time and 6.2k the third time. Ive spent around 30-40 minutes tops doing this and made 18.2k. My realm is medium population, the only time somebody tried to steal it was the second time and they could not get up on the ledge.

How to reach Jadefang

There are a few ways to reach Jadefang the most simple way is the quest Underground Economy - Quest - World of Warcraft however it seems this quest is not there alot of the time so you may want to look for another way to do it. If you are NE you can fly up there in wisp form. The way I get up there is posted below in the video which is another method used by unplugging your Ethernet cord so you don't demount off the flyer, also on the video information I explained how I got up there and ect.

You can report if they don't pay also!

Now, I had a talk with Blizzard about selling rare spawns. Blizzard told me you can report players if they don't pay. Just say something like "I'm not selling the rare spawn, I'm selling a summon to the location rare spawn and a summon is considered a service and if you do not pay you can be reported for scamming" this only works if you summon the player to your location say it in party chat before you summon them. If they walk to the rare spawn themselves and kill then this would not work however if you summon the player to the rare spawn it is considered a service and you can report if they do not pay. Its just like an enchanter to customer relationship type deal.

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