Tuesday, May 17

Massively Gold Earnings with Patch 4.2

31 new patterns appeared for crafting epic items and bags for the fireland patch 4.2. This give us  an opportunity to make tons of cash. If you already start saving up the mats today and spend like 1-2 hour every day farming those materials, your gonna be rich as soon as the next content patch is released. I don't wanted to post every single pattern, but i give you a little overview which profession need which materials and what you will get 

Two 378-gloves (Cloth -> DD and Heal) 
Two 378-boots (Cloth -> DD and Heal) 

You need here for each pattern [8 Dreamcloth]

Four 378-gloves (Leather and Mail -> DD and Heal)
Four 378-boots (Leather and Mail -> DD and Heal)

For eache pattern you will need [8 Pristine Hide] ; [40 Volatile Fire] ; [40 Volatile Water]
Blacksmith (Armor):
Three 378-gloves (Plate -> Dmg, Heal, Tank)
Three 378-boots (Plate -> Dmg, Heal, Tank)

For eache pattern you will need [10 Hardened Elementium Bar] ; [40 Volatile Fire]
Blacksmith (Weapons):

There will be for every class/specc a 365-weapon which needs [8 Truegold] ; [5 Hardened Elementium Bar]

One 365-gun which also will need[8 Truegold] ; [5 Hardened Elementium Bar]
Be careful! The exact amount of mats maybe will change during the developing phase, but you will need them as mentioned above 

Every crafted item is bind on equip!
In Addition you will need some [Living Ember] (except for the 365-weapons), which will drop in the Fireland-Raid and also a lot of [Chaos Orb], in case you have one of the professions above!

What you should do now:

Spend like 1-2 hours every day farming those mats. 

You should concentrate on [Truegold] (ask a transmutation-alchemist and get maybe 5 at one time because of a procc and give him some tip so he will do it for you the next day too!) At the moment it sells for only 600g on my server, it will rapidely rise by release of 4.2

Also you should save some [Pristine Hide], [Dreamcloth] is not necessary because its BOP, so only for Tailors interesing, and farm as many [Volatile Fire] and[Volatile Water] as you can, and of course [Hardened Elementium Bar] too  

Also the people will need enchants on their new equip like at every start of a new content!

So remember: 
There are mostly just 2 new content releases per year, but in this few weeks you can earn the most money in WoW! This was always like this and will always be like this 
100,000 Gold is possible for everyone if you start soon enough even without any professions!

At the moment people on my Server don't know what they should do with their money, all prices are dropping and everyone is full epic, so they will have enough money to spend with 4.2! There will also be a lot! of new dailys so people will get enough money to spend on your farmed items. 

If you start now, prices will explode and you are the first one which can afford the new random epic dropps easily.

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