Saturday, May 21

SLOW gold INVESTMENT Big money.

This is a guide as the title says an INVESTMENT. no instant gold here this is to invest into something while you farm other stuff for gold income.

Things needed

  • inscription 525
  • and some gold income of course!

Now what we are investing to make is of course you saw this coming are DECKS.

First what i do is start off with trying to find a private seller for herbs mostly the cheap stuff cinderbloom stormvine and such depending on servers. i dont pay more then 20g a stack. now if your a botter then this is free!. Second i have anouther private seller who sells volatiles lifes for 1.50g a peice(yup im lucky guylol). now the most ill go if my seller isnt on top of his game is 3g in AH.

Second i mill all i get and make whatever cards i can. Now to complete my decks i wait till the faire is not in progress so mid month, is where i buy my cards. cause this is when they are at its cheapest cause no one wants a deck when they have to wait 3 weeks for the faire. I complete any decks buying them cheap. I also do no sell or trade extra cards for its anouther card needed to anouther deck. but unless your short on gold then trading or selling to get others is a great idea.

Now if you want More profit like i said if your patient and not in entire rush for gold i buy Cheap decks at this time aswell. Mid month only when they are cheap. I buy tsunami decks 9k and below, hurricane decks 4k and cheaper, volcanic decks 5k or cheaper. now these are the DECKs not the trinkets.

Now the profit
Come faire day its money making time. usually by this time i have roughly around 10-12 decks depending on finds sales and such sometimes i have MOre. Now i spam trade for INSANE ACHIEVEMENT farmers. i sell them the rep turn ins for 400-500g each. so 10x400 of course is 4k. Now your gonna see massive trinkets selling but they wont sell for a good price during the faire. but if your in dire need of gold then sell if not, like i said you are willing to invest time. Wait till mid month again to sell at full PROFIT.

Mid month comes around and i sell Tsunami trinket for 16-18k a peice, Hurricane Trinkets for 6-8k a piece, and volcanicfor 8-10k a piece. now some of you are thinking what about stones deck i just sell the rep turn in for those and put the trinket up as soon as i can cause really they are a shit trinket nothing but a ITEM level boost for a tank.
Now for choosing a proper trinket and money maker for Hurricane usually i end up wtih 3-4 of these decks and i always make only one strenth and the rest agil cause agil sell faster due to the massive amounts of players needing this. HUNTERS ROGUES SHAMANS DRUIDS. then strenth you only have dks pallys and warrs. and well all know the numbers on what is played more.

so last month i had 12decks 4tsunamis 5hurricanes 3 volcanic

so 12 turn ins i sold at 500 a peice
4 tsunami decks i sold at 17-18k each
lets just say i sold them all at 17k
68k if my math is correcgt lol
6hurricanes i sold them at 7 to 8k a peice
lets say 7 for all
volcanics i sold them at 8-10k
lets say i sodl them all at 9k

gold made 142kg+ if my math is correct. idk but i ended up with 165k gold at the end.
once again sorry for my typing and such but this is roughly on how i do it.

GL !

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