Friday, May 20

So I found this weird floating blue orb/egg at the very Southwestern edge of Abyssal Depths...

This is what it looks like from the very edge of the zone (it is waaay too far into fatigue zone), only with druid aquatic form can you get closer, you are forced off the seamount since the area is no longer considered within Vashjir. From the distance it kind of resembles a warlock summon portal, but you can go closer.

The proportions from here on are immense. You are moving at like 150% (with glyph), but it hardly feels like it and the fatigue timer ticks mercilessly. This is as close as I got to the mysterious object in question and the HUGE skeleton lying on the seabed among whos bones it rests. 

This thing is easily as large as Deathwing. And this is what the orb looks like at the moment fatigue claims your life.

To me it looks half like the Azeroth globe which can be seen in Halls of Lightning and Ulduar, and half like some sort of weird egg/shell. It is certainly an object/doodad of some sort and not part of the landscape, because at around 2-3000 feet away it fades out of view while the carcass does not. So, designers put it there so people kill themselves while trying to get to it, or is it possibly a forerunner of an extended zone when the Vash raid is implemented, I can only speculate. Anyone dare try venture closer?

edit: After thinking about it some more and looking at Femaledwarf's high-rez pic, it seems to me most likely the most obscure ever reference to the 1998 film The Sphere

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