Monday, May 9

Zul' Aman little trick

Here is a little trick I use these days to get a few extra golds on my Zul' Aman runs.
Zul' Aman has a timed-run system. Each boss downed within the timer grants additional loot chests after boss #4 has been downed.

Since alot of players have no clue what game they're playing, it happens alot that players forget about these chests. (like 7 out of 10 runs)

I finish the Zul' Aman run and wait till everyone has left the group, loot these chests (most of the times it's 3) and disenchant the gained loots.

I guess it helps alot that I'm tank and I can kinda chainpull towards last boss, giving them no time to even think about the extra loot.

Use it before the chests become general knowledge!

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