Thursday, June 9

Dungeon Journal Feature - Patch 4.2

Blizzard is slowly updating and tweaking their own User Interface so as to replace addons. With the introduction of their Questhelper, now it's time for another creation, the Dungeon Journal

The Dungeon Journal itself contains at this moment, only Cataclysm bosses, but Blizzard said they were planning to add all of the bosses and dungeons of previous expansions, The Burning Crusade and Wrath.

At first glance it is something you wouldn't probably notice. A small red book is available next to your Character Selection button on your User Interface.

Dungeon Journal offers a wide variety of information regarding heroics. Here is a list of all the Heroic Dungeons of Cataclysm as seen in the Dungeon Journal

I have decided to click at Halls of Origination dungeon, to have a look at its bosses. Here you can see on the right, the list of bosses, information will pop up as soon as you click on one of those.

I selected Earthrager Ptah. By opening, a 3D model of the NPC appears, which can be rotated. At the right of the 3D portrait, you can see the description of the boss as well as his abilites when expanding the spell names / boss phases / stages of the encounter.

Wait for it. It gets more awesome! Not only are you able to see his abilities, but by clicking on the treasure below the abilities tab, you can preview its loot and even filter it with the Gear Filter, where you select your class and other loot for other classes will not appear.

Cataclysm raids as seen in the journal. Firelands available as well.

The Search Tab provides a comfortable browsing between encounters and bosses, I tried to search for Nefarian's End

Immediately I got the loot table abilities and everything regarding Nefarian's End on Heroic difficulty.

The journal has been implemented within your Maps. Pressing 'M' (by default that is) you will see the map of the instance / raid with boss portraits that match exactly with the whereabouts of the bosses. Clicking on the portrait will open the Encounter Journal and additional information will become available.

It's nice to have such an addition like this. Now, it's easier than ever, to learn an encounter step by step. You won't have to watch YouTube videos of the encounter so often thanks to this and a lot of new players will certainly appreciate it. 
I sincerely hope, for less wipe in heroics! 

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