Extra Mark of the World Tree

Today as i was questing on my paladin and i noticed dailies at the Sanctuary of Malorne, even though i had been there today and done all the dailies. They were different dailies so i proceeded to quickly do them before the daily quests reset at 4 ST. So it seems the daily quests change at 3 ST and reset at 4 ST allowing you to get Extra Marks of the World Tree as long as the dailies change from one day to the next and don't end up being the same dailies. After the dailies reset you can, of course, do them again to get extra marks.

  1. Do Firelands dailies before 1 hr before dailies reset
  2. Do new Firelands dailies within the hour before dailies reset
  3. Profit!

I don't know if this is common sense for some people but most people on my server didn't know this. Good Luck!


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