Monday, June 27

Get a 2500 hp buff that works in bgs (low lvl)

The quest that you have to be on in order to get this buff is called Showdown at Stonewatch which is located in Redridge Mountains. Now you can't just march into Redridge and take it, you have to complete a long series of quests before it. I've provided a link to every quest you need to do in case you need help.
I've actually tried this several times in bgs and it works every time. The buff itself has a duration of 2 minutes so you'll not be able to keep it the entire duration of the bg but it'll be more than enough to have some fun in the start of the bg.

To get the most out of this buff what I think you should do, like I always do is when you're at the Showdown at Stonewatch quest, go to the quest giver and abandon it. Sign up for a bg and when the queue pops, if you have DBM you'll get a timer for how long you can wait until you'll be removed. Go ahead and wait for the timer to reach 10-15 seconds and accept the quest. You'll spawn 4-5 npcs immediatly and one of them will use this buff on you. Then go ahead and enter the bg and have some fun

I'll provide 2 screenshots that'll demonstrate that it actually works as of 21/6/2011

In these screenshots you'll see that the buff is about to run out but that's because it was the first time I tried it in a bg and didn't wait until last second to join

I think these are all the quests you need to do.

Nida's Necklace
An Unwelcome Guest
Lake Everstill Cleanup
Wanted: Redridge Gnolls
Franks and Beans
Still Assessing the Threat
Parker's Report
We Must Prepare!
Like a Fart in the Wind
Tuning the Gnomecoder
Canyon Romp
He Who Controls the Ettins
Saving Foreman Oslow
They've Wised Up
Yowler Must Die!
John J Keeshan
This Ain't My War
Weapons of War
Surveying Equipment
Render's Army
In Search of Bravo Company
Breaking out is hard to do
And Last but not Least...Danforth
Return of the Bravo Company
His Heart Must Be In It
They Drew First Blood
It's Never over
Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage
Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform
Hunting the Hunters
Prisoners of War
To Win a War, You Gotta Become War
Shadowhide Extinction
The Dark Tower
The Grand Magus Doane
Showdown at Stonewatch

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