Wednesday, June 15

Keep Guild Repution when switching from 1 guild to another guild

Yesterday I switched from my own guild in which I am exalted with to a raiding guild.

I wanted to keep my exalted reputation but as most know when you join another guild your rep gets resetted back to neutral.

So here's the trick to keep your current guild reputation like revered and join a other guild and still keep your revered status.

!This can only be done while you are in a city or the inn!

Step 1
Leave your current guild.

Step 2
Ask the guild you want to join for an invite.

Step 3
Wait till you got the guild invite and type in chat /Camp

Step 4
Click the join button from the guild invite and press enter at the same time.
This will make you logout!

Step 5
Log back in.
You are now in your new guild and will still have the rep you farmed.


Be in a city or the inn
Ask for a invite from the guild you want to join.
Click join and /camp at the same time.
Log back in

sorry don't have any picture's only the guild news with the achievement for Sulfaras they got when i joined. Oh, and btw... You can sell Dark Phoenix and Scorpion mounts with this trick.

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