Tuesday, June 7

Make 2000g+ In Under 15 Minutes!!

Raptor Hatchlings

I'm sure we've all come across at least 1 of the 4 Raptor nests once before. Each of these nests contain 1 non-combat pet that is BoE. This isn't 100% Server dependent but on my server these pets go for anywhere between 300-800g Each (Of course under the right circumstances you could get way more.) Each of these nests are on a separate 5-hour spawn timer. 

Ravasaur Hatchling
Leaping Hatchling
Razormaw Hatchling
Darting Hatchling

So to make gold quickly since I have an abundant amount of characters I would place a character that I hardly use at these locations and log them out there. Then I would periodically log on check to see if it spawned.

Depending on your faction you wont need a character at EACH one. For example I'm Alliance so I place one in the Northern Barrens one and I place one in the Wetlands since those take the most time to travel to, while the one in Un'goro Crater I simply take the portal to Uldum and fly, and I take a Mage portal to Theramore for the one in Dustwallow Marsh.

For me It takes about 5 mins to log onto the 2 Toons already at the location and it takes 5 mins each for the other 2 I have to fly to for a maximum time of about 15 mins.

Since you can do this about 3-4 Times a day and this takes little to no time it's basically nothing but pure profit. With the right luck and timing you could get `5000g a day doing nothing. Even if you opt. out of flying and porting a bunch of times a day you can still logout 2 More Characters at those locations and make it even less time.





Although maybe not all of you have characters you don't use that you can logout for awhile but, I'm sure there's some people that'll get a use out of this, so Good Luck and I hope this helps the community that's helped me out for years. 

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