Tuesday, June 28

Midsummer Fire Festival Glitch

Stand next to a midsummer festival pole. Start to mount, and while mounting right click the pole a few times. RIGHT as you're about to mount, step to the side. If you did it correctly, your character should be holding their weapon out in some direction. Then just start to hearth/port/whatever to your faction's capital city. When you start to port, you will dismount but keep spinning. And when you enter the city, you will still be spinning. Any questions, just leave a comment. THIS IS SERVER SIDE. NOT CLIENT SIDE. Therefore, everyone can see you.


  • Constantly stacks Ribbon Dance buff.
  • Rogues do not know where your back is or where you're facing.
  • Hard for people to tell when Warriors are Bladestorming them.
  • Makes you look like a badass.

Know limitations:

  • Cannot go near another pole.
  • Cannot port to a different continent ( I.E. Porting to Stonard when in Durotar ruins it ).

Porting devices that work:

  • Hearthstone.
  • Portal.
  • Teleport.
  • Have Group Will Travel (you must be summoned after doing the mount glitch ).
  • The Innkeeper's Daughter.
  • Lock's Summon ( you must be summoned after doing the mount glitch ).
  • Ruby Slippers.

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