Tuesday, June 28

My WoW Career

Vanilla - I was still playing EQ1
BC - Oh, this is why WoW is so popular, I think I like it.
Wrath - (First time raid Naxx) This doesn't seem difficult at all. And everyone can have Purples now. Cool?
Cata - (First few times) OMG I love the new content! 3 months later: ;_; I suck... Oh look it's Minecraft!
I have no shame in admitting I suck at raiding now. Wrath gave me a taste of what it felt like to be a 1337 Raider. But it was a false sense of skill, like some people have mentioned.
I did have fun with the new leveling content, and I still enjoy Battlegrounds a lot. So not all is lost. I'm just not a raider, and I'm fine with that.

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