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5k profit in about 1 hour (Mechano-Hog / Mekgineer's Chopper)

I've made a lot of money during the last 3 days with below method:

What you need

  • Engineer with 450 Skill and the Recipe for Mechano-Hog / Mekgineer's Chopper
    if you don't have the Recipe you could farm Reputation for it - one instance run solo heroic was about 3500 Rep. It just took me 2 hours of running those instances to get from friendly to exalted
  • Mining Char with 450 Skill
  • optional - Alchemist (optimal Transmutation specialisation) with Transmute: Titanium
  • optional - Skinner and Leatherworker (you can buy that also for about 100 Gold, what I do)
  • OPTIMAL - being a Goblin 

Allright. If you have that, you are ready to go. Of course you can also pay an Engineer to craft you this mount, but I can't really suggest that, as usually they ask you for a big tip. Mining you should do on your own, as it's fast and otherwise you would need to pay a lot for the mats.

MiningMining in Wintergrasp is very efficient since the release of Cataclysm. Nobody is farming there, so all the veins are yours! And they spawn incredibly fast, that you will have a lot of farms within one round.
Here is my route:

I just created that out of my mind with paint, but I think it's pretty close to what I'm usually running through.

On this route you will find a lot Saronite and Titanium. I made in one hour 460 Saronite Ore and 62 Titanium Ore.
You actually don't need so much, but this was my result of farming about 1 hour, so I wanted to share with you how much you can get out there 

Materials you will need out of mining
36 Titanium Bar - 1 Titanium Bar = 2 Titanium Ore OR 6 Saronite Bar (1 Saronite Bar = 2 Saronite Ore)
12 Eternal Fire - 1 Eternal Fire = 10 Crystallized Fire
12 Eternal Earth - 1 Eternal Earth = 10 Crystallized Earth
12 Eternal Shadow - 1 Eternal Shadow = 10 Crystallized Shadow

The Eternal Earth and Shadow you should get out of the Veins while mining. Just the Fire are quite rare. What I do is to kill the fire elementals in the sourthern east of wintergrasp. But you can also buy them - on my Realm it's about 44g each, whats to much as per my opinion. If you are running through heroics to push your reputation, keep the Frozen Orbs! You can buy with them all Eternal Materials!

Now you should fly to Dalaran and start smelting first the Titanium Ore into Titanium Bars.
If you don't have enough Titanium Ore for 36 Bars, you can smelt now the Saronite Ore into Saronite Bars and Transmute them with an Alchimist into Titan Bars.6 Saronite Bar = 1 Titan Bar 
The good thing is, that this transmute doesn't have any cooldown. So you can do that until you have the 36 Titan Bars.

Now create 12 Titansteel Bars.

Stuff you might need to buyIn addition to all those Bars we need 2 Arctic Furand 40 Handful of Cobalt Bolts.
For the 2 Arctic Fur you should check the Auctionhouse. Remember that you can buy 1 Arctic Fur for 10 Heavy Borean Leather at Braeg Stoutbeard in Dalaran. So maybe it's better to buy 10 Heavy Borean Leather, or 60 Borean Leather (a Leatherworker can make 1 Heavy Leather out of 6 normal Leather) instead of paying 200 Gold for 1 Arctic Fur.

Please do this step after you've found a buyer, as you can do this quite fast and you don't waste money if you can't find someone
The 40 Handful of Cobalt Bolts we create out of Cobalt Bars. I won't suggest you to farm them on your own. Buy the Ore or the Bar in the AH, as I think that farming Cobalt is a pain in the ass... You will need around 50 Bars (1 Ore = 1 Bar) for 40 Handful of Cobalt Bolts.

Searching for a buyer
If you have all materials, except the part you need to buy from the seller in Area 52, you should start to try to find a buyer for the Mechano-Hog / Mekgineer's Chopper on the Tradechannel.
So spam there and ask for bits. I also offer exchanges for Fireland Epics (as they sell very expensive on my server). Thats up to you.
I would suggest you to not sell it for less than 16000 Gold.

If someone starts arguing with you in the tradechan you can ignore him or explain him why it's so expensive (12500g raw materials - as a Goblin we will get it cheaper - I'm coming back to that in a minute), 12x 400g Titansteel Bars (depends on your server of course - I'm sure nobody will sell this Bars, but if they check the AH they gonna see that it's expensive ), 2x 200g Arctic Fur and 50x 2g Cobalt Bar.

I mean it also depends on your sell strategies. I've sold it 3 times now for 18000 gold, 2 times for 17000 gold and just once I sold it for 15000 gold, because the person was very nice and I've got a good heart 

You found a buyer
You found a buyer and now you need to get your ass asap to Area 52. If you are still in Dalaran, this won't be a big problem.
Now you need to buy the materials from Roxi Ramrocket:
1x Salvaged Iron Golem Parts (3000g - Goblin 2700g)
1x Elementium-Plated Exhaust Pipe (1500g - Goblin 1350g)
8x Goblin-Machined Piston (1000g - Goblin - 900g)

As a Goblin you spend 11250 Gold, with every other Race you will need to spent 12500 Gold.

Depending on how much you bought the stuff out of the Auctionhouse and you are selling the Bike, you should make Profit of 4000 - 6000 Gold.

Hope this helps some of you 

Thats my first Guide in English. So please don't blame me about my bad English skills, as it's not my native language 

If for whatever Reasons you are not able to find a buyer and don't want to wait longer, you can also throw all those pieces into the Auctionhouse and make good money! Luckily I never ad to do that 
But what you should never do:
Never try to sell this mount through the Auctionshouse, as I never saw someone buying it there. And nobody searches for mounts on the Auctionhouse! Therefore don't ever buy materials in Area 52 before you find a buyer, as you might loose a lot of money!

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