Monday, July 18

Capital Cities Reputation: RAF + Tabards + Diplomacy = much more than supposed to

I've been rebuilding my account ever since I've been banned, and while RAF grinding my way to 80 (using another 85 to grind instances with my four other linked accounts), I've noticed something very interesting.

It appears that when Recruit-a-friend is used along capital cities tabards, and the human racial Diplomacy, the way rep is calculated goes a bit out of hand.

Normally, trash in classic WoW dungeons give 3 rep points, with bosses giving out 60.

Have a look at these:

Now it seems that with all (ie: RaF, human racial, tabard) taken into consideration by the game (probably in a messed up order), I'm gaining 18-19 rep per mob, and 363 per boss.

Please note that I've only had one toon with the tabard. Haven't bothered trying with the others yet as I want to get done with this 1-80 grind ASAP.

As far as I know, I am not aware of any mechanics within the game that would show this much rep gains as being intended. I've gained Exalted with SW in about 4 hours of dungeon grinding.

If any of you feel like looking further into this, feel free to do so. Just wanted to throw that one out there.

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