Get kill credits for Molten Front dailies for doing practically nothing.

I've come across something which Is quite useful.
Just to note: I've only tried and tested, and confirmed this working on a Mage. It may work with Rogues', Druids' and Hunters' etc as well. As long as you can get out of combat and 'reset' the NPC' like you can do with a Mages' invisibility.

While on a kill credit quest such as: [Hostile Elements] If you get eight / (As many NPC's as you would like) into combat, this includes elites.

You can use invisibility and when somebody kills them, or the guards you still get credit for the kill which counts towards the quest/S, and you can still loot them and such.

They're always dead, the NPC's (for me) by the time I've done [Aggressive Growth] and/or [Burn Victims].

Just speeds the task of dailies up I suppose.

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