Thursday, July 7

What to Invest in for 4.2's Second Gold Rush

Please remember this is just my personal speculation. Some people were disappointed in 4.2 thinking they we're going to ride the widely talked about boom. Some prices rose. Enchants and gems are selling pretty well for raiders. But there wasn't too much for the everyday casual player to do. A week later and the new arena season started. That will be doing well as far as pvp enchants and gems go. But as for the new craftable pvp gear... not so much.

So what's the next big market that's going to skyrocket?

In ~2 weeks for the people who have been diligently doing their dailies some new vendors will get unlocked. They will sell a few bag patterns and some epic ilvl 365 weapons. Here's the vendor with the weapon patterns Damek Bloombeard - NPC - World of Warcraft

Each one will require 8 Truegold and 5 Chaos Orb, then some gems, hardened elementium bars, or volatiles. 
So here's my predictions for the market in a couple weeks. Stock up on Volatile Water (they're impossible to farm large amounts) and Truegold (Requires 3 pyrium bars, 10 v water/fire/air and on a 1 day alch CD)

I think those 3 volatiles will skyrocket in price for a week or so atleast. Volatile Fire will be the first to come back down in price because it is easily obtained during the new dailies. Volatile Air will go up and stay at it's new high for a while. The hardened elementium bars and gems will recieve a (very small demand) increase. So if you have some elementium ores or bars in the bank it will be a good time to sell them, I'm pretty sure almost every server has farming bots on it though so I would not rely on elementium prices at all. 

If you want to go balls out for max profit try to find a BS with some patterns once they arrive. Tip him generously for all those chaos orbs you are taking and make some epic weapons to put up on the AH. You can atleast double your profit on a few of them the first night. Be smart about which weapons to craft first, Firelands raid drops boe ilvl 378 spell caster weapons, agil bow, 1h str axe, and a 2h agil polearm. I would stay away from crafting the lower ilvl BS versions of these.
This will in-turn bring a demand for top end weapon enchants and keep their demand up for atleast a month, if not longer I would guess.

For those lazy eyes... 

Good investment:
Volatile Water
Volatile Air
BiS Weapon Enchants

Risky investment:
Volatile Fire
Volatile Earth
Elementium Ore
Hardened Elementium Bars

Thank you for reading, GL if you choose to follow. I would guess if you buy and sell right you could atleast make 150% of your money back.

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