Saturday, August 27

Become A Quest Giver With A Exclamation Mark Above Your Head

This Can Only Be Done By The Horde On A Level 20+ Character.

You Need To Have Not Completed The Quest "Welcome To The Machine"
In This Quest You Mount A Vehicle Which Is Rooted To The Ground And You Act Like A Quest Giver To 3 Npcs.

There Are Two Methods In Order TO Get This To Work.

When Either Of The Medthods Are Completed You Are Able TO Move Freely As Normal With The exclamation Mark Above Your Head.

IF You Want An Easier To Follow Guide Watch The Video Under The Text.

  • First Accept The Quest And Run Over To The Horse. 
  • Make Sure You Hearthstone is On Cooldown or Deleted 
  • Mount The Horse 
  • Open The AutoUnstuck And Press Teleport To Graveyard 
  • You Will DIe And When You Ress You Will BE Able to move around like a quest giver... 

  • First Accept The Quest And Run Over To The HOrse. 
  • Open Your Quest Log And PRess Abandon But Don't Press yes 
  • Click On The Horse to Mount it As Fast Abandon the Quest 
  • You Will Auto Demount The Horse And Have The exclamation mark Above Your Head 
  • You Can Now Move Around Freely. 

Things You Can Do:
  • You Can Mount Up With It. 
  • You Can Die And Ress. 
  • You Can Go On Flightpoints. 
  • You Can Fight. 
  • You Can Only Stay In Eastern Kingdoms. ¨

Things You Can't Do:
  • You Can't Teleport 
  • You Can't Logout Or The Buff Will Dissapear 
  • You Can't Use Zepplins / Enter Other Zones.

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