Thursday, August 4

Exploit your RBG MMR and get alot of points!

Basicly, What you do is get one of your Highest MMR players to relog using the "Log Out" button before gates opens(Or after gates open). 
Basicly what happens is, You will get double his MMR. 

It will tell you in the chat that "xxxx has left the battle" as soon as he logs on, He joins the battle again, And your MMR will be boosted by the diffrence of MMR this player does. 

Example, 10/10 players is in the RBG
player X Relogs(Leave the battle) - Keeps the MMR
Player X Has come online(Join the battle) -MMR will Raise by the diffrence he makes.(20 or something). 

Basicly to exploit this in a bigger scale, Get ALL of your highest MMR players to relog and your MMR will raise by 100-200 MMR. 
It might even work to relog several times to boost the MMR by even more!

This way you will always be over your standard MMR, and ALWAYS get more points than you should

This could work in Arenas aswell since you "Leave battle" and "Join battle" in arena aswell. 


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