Friday, August 5

Firelands trash farming (Requires hack/loot-a-rang)

Bare with me here, this is a cross over of an exploit and a guide. Mods can move it to what ever section they believe it fits better in. Yes this does require a hack for a brief period of time to be efficient.

10k+ ranged DPS.
Loot-A-RangLoot-A-Rang - Item - World of Warcraft (Only requires 125 engineering to use.)
Fly hack/xyz/etc. (Not going to link you one, check the forums.)
Raid ID with Bethtilac up.

First off head to firelands, specifically this location.

Once you are there, you should see the Inferno Hawk. Don't worry about it, its just going to die regardless. Do not pull until you are in location though.

This is where the hacks come into play. Use some type of hack to get to either of these positions. 

Once you are on the pillar, you've probably guessed what you are going to do. The Cinderweb Spinners that originally hold the inferno hawk in place continue to spawn once the inferno hawk is dead.

This is where DPS comes into play. You have about 10-15 seconds to DPS down some 300k HP. For any one who is decently geared this is a non-issue, but for undergeared players its impossible.
Once dead, toss your loot-a-rang and wait to drop combat. Combat will drop every time but using feign death speeds it up. Theses mobs share the same loot as the rest of the trash and grant 16-17 rep per death till  5999/6000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            5999/6000      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

There are two farming spots so two players can be farming here at the same time on each of the pillars respectively. A loot-a-rang is REQUIRED if you'd like any type of efficiency. With two players farming for 1hour and 30minutes we saw on average 3 epics. This held up most nights but again, RNG is a bitch. As with anything involving a hack, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. While I have eluded being banned, the same may not hold for you. Be smart and limit your farming time and spread the epics out on your account. Do not post mass epics from 1 character. Above all, just use common sense. Good luck and have fun.

Edit: Forgot an image. Epic paint skills inc.

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