Monday, August 1

Paladin Arena Illuminating healing trick

Well I havn't really posted anything here yet so I figured why not may help some people,
If you are a holy paladin reading this then you know the basic mechanic of Illuminated healing, as you cast heals it stacks a shield that absorbs dmg the more it stacks up to a certain number like 45k. Now what this bug or (exploit) is, is it allows you to stack this pre arena and have it ready for the game. This can be useful when such as playing a pmr that is going to open a dps and you get sapped by unfortunate happenings =) the 45k shield may very well be that amount added with your partners defense to make it so you don't need to use any cds at all!

-This is about timing, but not all that hard; All you Have to do is stack it pre arena to said amount "45k" or w.e And when the clock or counter in blizzards UI frames count down says 1 second and that one second is in middle of disappearing, I don't know quite how to give exacts but id say .5 seconds after the 1 disappears you cast a holy shock or time a flash of light, and the stack stays! This may require a little practice but i can pretty much get it every single time.

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