Friday, August 12

World Of Warcraft Loses Players As Vendors Flog Gaming Gear

SteelSeries has just released the latest peripheral branded with the popular (but not as popular as its former glory) MMORPG, the World of Warcraft MMO Mouse: Legendary Edition.

The 11-button mouse with in-game integration especially for WoW and custom macro functions for creating hotkeys and key chains comes as the latest edition to SteelSeries' exclusive line-up of WoW accessories.

The new mouse is set to hit SteelSeries' online store this September for US$79.99.

The release comes amidst Blizzard's struggle to keep dwindling numbers up on the still-popular online game, losing 300,000 players in the last quarter. The company recently changed its free-trial policy from a 14 day trial to a new test run that lets new players pay nothing until they reach level 20 in the game.

The game still holds a huge subscriber base of 11.1 million users around the globe.

Blizzard hasn't laid all its eggs in the one basket though, with the much-anticipated sequel in the Diablo series, Diablo III, in the works to be released hopefully this year for patient fans.

The latest title in the 15 year old franchise will see a completely online gaming experience that blocks out modifications that have been a hallmark of many other Blizzard online titles. The game will also see item auctions in-game sold with real money.

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