Tuesday, August 30

WoW 4.2 - Titan Travels 9: Wintergrasp and the Sunken Ruins of the Thousand Needles

Hey guys, Strangletusk here with the sixth, and final (for now at least), episode of my series on Titan-themed explorations, Titan Travels. The series focuses on explorations dealing with titan structures - for example, accessing blocked titan gears and machinery and more.

As many of these structures are in Northrend, introduced with WotLK - which has been out for a while now - a lot of these will have been "already done" so to speak. I am not trying to claim ownership of these explorations, this series is as much a compilation as anything else.

For the last episode in Titan Travels, I've decided to feature a mix of simple explorations in two very different parts of Azeroth - the Thousand Needles and Wintergrasp. In the Thousand Needles, I show you how to very simply swim under the world at the Sunken Dig Site to see the nearby Titan ruins buried in the 'sea'-floor, as well as a nearby buried Titan sculpture of a head. Meanwhile, in Wintergrasp I show you my method for a well-known exploration to get behind the instance portal for the Vault of Archavon, as well as some buried Titan stairs belonging to the model of a tower in the middle of the zone.

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