Tuesday, September 20

1 man 10 & 25 man Ulduar Flame Leviathan + Dwarfagedon Orbital Bombardment & Shutout

So i was bored. (Inorite Wow is soooo exciting!)

Decided to go try and get Dwarfageddon achievement on one of my alts for kicks.

Set to 25m. zoned in, grabbed the Siege Engine, and went out to the front area.

Waited for all of the front portals to unload all of there men ( gives you 87) then drove around and gathered the other nearby packs for the remaining 13.

Stacked em up. And rammed/electrocuted. bam achievement.

Zoned out. switched to 10m...rinse repeat.

For Flame Leviathan I left Hodir up...(I tried this with multiple towers up and failed miserably)

Trick was this. (Clearly high ilvl helps too as these vehicles scale with Ilvl - mine was 360)

Move in every Demolisher, Bike, and Siege engine. Position them spread out along the front inside....in a line.

(Had both Siege engines in the middle bikes on each side, and one Demolisher on the left corner) <-- this is key

Took the remaining Demolisher to the right corner....pulled and stacked Pyrium up to 10 while blowing him up.

tanked until Demolisher was at 10%...jumped out (Hell still attack the vehicle for a couple seconds).....ran with sprint pot to left front corner and grabbed the remaining Demolisher.

By this time Leviathan switched targets to one of the Siege engines along the wall and starting attacking it. (This i where i figured its an exploit. unmanned vehicle being attacked lul)

Hodirs fury came out (Big deal).....finished him off.

Fight took less than 80 seconds. Free 200 gold and well, a cure for boredom and 2 year old achievements =p

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