Sunday, September 4

Defender of Azeroth

BUD LIGHT PRESENTS: Real American Heroes. Reeal American Heeeeeroes! Today, we salute YOU, Mister part-time helpdesk tech, Full-time Raider. Mister part-time helpdesk tech, Full-time Raiiidddderr! Without you, we'd be forced to learn how to use our own common sense with electronics. The Power button is Weheererrr? But YOU, sir, read the manual and talk us through it. So WE can Kill Ragnaros! With your headset stuck with perspiration to the side of your head, you bravely explain such complex tasks as checking e-mail, and powercycling networking gear, and WHY do you do it? Because somewhere, a guild is relying on you for their off-tank in tonight's 10-man. Our backup's not geared! So crack open an ICE COLD Bud Light, oh defender of a senseless world, and know that when America is looking for a man to make things happen, you DO have the number for tier 2 support. You know your shiiiiiiiiiiitt!

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